Eye in the sky- 65,000 feet ans able to stay there for four days. Feel safer???


Boeing Phantom Eye completes 2nd flight | Fox News

A liquid-hydrogen-powered unmanned spy plane from Boeing’s Phantom Works had a very successful test flight earlier this week, climbing a mile and a half into the sky.

If eventually deployed, this unmanned aerial system would give the United States state-of-the-art intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance with its cutting-edge capabilities: The drone can fly a whopping four days without refueling.


They’ve had indefinite duration (give or take wear and tear) capability with solar power at high altitude for like a decade or more.


But the solar uav cannot carry much payload. This one can and a future model will carry 2000 lbs. That’s every type of spy camera ever needed.


Isn’t it wonderful that in a nation such as this, we know we are capable of spying on our own people at 65,000 ft and we let the world know it?