Fact vs Fiction


I have been watching the movie The Great Escape which is modeled after a real event. The cast included some members who had actually been prisoners of war and said the movie was mostly accurate. Now I go to the movie site and read the reviews and many people thought that the movie was unrealistic because being liberals they think they know more than those that really went through it.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalag_Luft_III was the actual camp that the movie was based on.

We have seen the same phenomena here with those who tell members that their actual experience does not count because being liberals it is how they perceive things happened.


You should know by now that liberals think they know everything and have the answer to every problem with a new government program. I find that liberals are very big on comming up with new programs, but come up short when it comes to the hard, often boring work of running them properly. Liberals often need to re-write history because if you look at the outcomes of the so-called progressive movement, the results have not been pretty.