Falkland Islanders vote overwhelmingly to keep British rule


Falkland Islanders vote overwhelmingly to keep British rule
By Marcos Brindicci and Juan Bustamante
STANLEY, Falkland Islands | Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:58am EDT

(Reuters) - Residents of the Falkland Islands voted almost unanimously to stay under British rule in a referendum aimed at winning global sympathy as Argentina intensifies its sovereignty claim.

The official count on Monday showed 99.8 percent of islanders voted in favor of remaining a British Overseas Territory in the two-day poll, which was rejected by Argentina as a meaningless publicity stunt. There only three “no” votes out of about 1,500 cast.

“Surely this must be the strongest message we can get out to the world,” said Roger Edwards, one of the Falklands’ assembly’s eight elected members.

“That we are content, that we wish to retain the status quo … with the right to determine our own future and not become a colony of Argentina.”

Ordinary people being incapable of knowing what’s good for them, I’m sure the elitist-nationalists of Argentina will make re-educating and/or relocating these ignorami one of their highest priorities.


Wonder if Pope Francis will get involved now! This is a wag the dog issue for Argentina’s prez. to divert attention from the crashing economy AND she and the former Cardinal have a prior history where she vigorously opposed him…and he lost…on gay marriage.

"A couple of days before Argentina became the first Latin American country to pass a nationwide marriage equality law in 2010 president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner broke her silence on the landmark bill and secured its passage by throwing hell full support behind it. It was an impassioned speech carried live on Argentine television from a diplomatic trip to China and a full-throttled response to increasingly rabid homophobic opposition by Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio."
The whole story and videos here: Blabbeando: Argentina: President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s blistering 2010 statement against the new Pope


Well it seems this is one issue they would agree on.

Pope Francis has hard line on Falkland Islands passionately supporting Argentina’s claim to Las Malvinas - Mirror Online

In April last year, at a memorial mass in Buenos Aires 30 years on from the Falklands conflict, he said: “We come to pray for all who have fallen, sons of the homeland who went out to defend their mother, the homeland, and to reclaim what is theirs, that is of the homeland, and it was usurped.”

And a year earlier, he urged people “not to forget those who had fallen during the war” as they had “shed their blood on Argentine soil”.

He has also been reported as saying: “Las Malvinas are ours.”

Also, this is not pertaining to the Falklands (I don’t know their history), but the desires of the current population of some territory shouldn’t always be what decides who the territory rightfully belongs to. Occupants/conquerors have often expelled previous populations and moved their own people in.


I’m am sure Argentina remembers the last time they try to snatch away the Falklands away from Brutish rule…


Occupants/conquerors have often expelled previous populations and moved their own people in.

IIRC, in the case of the Falklands, there was no “previous population” to expel.

I’m not sure Argentina has another WW2-vintage light cruiser to throw away, Sera. OTOH, whether the UK has the will or means anymore to defend the Falklands is another question.


Oh, and as for ***“Occupants/conquerors”***, Volk, you do know enough of Latin American History to know that the Argentine government is mostly the descendants of the Spanish conquistadors/colonizers, right? With descendants of later arrivals from EuroLand - e.g President Kirchner, whose family were obviously Germanic (Fled the Nazis? Former Nazi Germany citizens tho fled the ruin that was Germany in 1945? Former Nazis?)?

  1. They received replacement aircraft, though. They could lose those if they want…
  2. Don’t know about the will, but they still have (or did, last I heard) ski-jump light carriers for Sea Harriers. I wonder if the RN is planning on (since I don’t know if the plane itself is going to work out) doing like the RAF and replacing their Harriers with the STOVL versions of the F-35 (U.S. designation) Lightning II.


Off-topic a bit, The Argentine light cruiser General Belgrano started its career as the Brooklyn class USS Phoenix. The USS Phoenix was at Pearl Harbor and served throughout WW2.