Family Rights Issue Links.

Use this thread to post any links to Child/Parent/Family Rights Issues sites. This includes just about anything wrt these issues. In addition to sites that deal with these issues, national and local news reports are also of great interest.

The American Family Rights Association(AFRA)

And their recently posted news items.
AFRA Hot Spots

Home School Legal Defense Association

Child Protection Reform

*Child Protection Reform *(A different one)

Family Rights and Child Abuse News - Reporting on Child Protective Services Issues

More to come.


This info is geared toward educating parents to be ready for and/or avoid an actual visit from CP$.

Family Survival Information - On the AFRA site.

From What I can tell, they are also helping people of Kalifornia that are engaged in a class action lawsuit against CP$ in that state.

Here is sad but, true, site to check out.

On Edit: I checked this site out today (12 March 2007) and the numbers are increasing at a rate that I’m sure are more than what is posted on this site. I’m a fairly unemotional person and I can’t hold back tears when I view this site. These are the recipients of “protection” from Hitlary Klinton’s Village.


Janet Reno is the Child Snatcher of the Millennium!

She is THE INVENTOR of today’s Child Protective Services (CPS) standard operating procedure of malicious, mendacious, FRAUDULENT SCAM of DIRTY TRICKS, denial of Constitutional Civil Rights and Due Process, lies, fabrication of evidence, FALSE ACCUSATIONS, weird psychiatry, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, under THE COLOR OF LAW and they CANNOT be held RESPONSIBLE to ANYBODY for their malevolent activities (IMPUNITY).

Holy crap. This is really, really bad. Libertarian, thank you for having the motivation and guts to post these links. Now my question — how do we fight back? I myself have a child who has been a victim of DCFS.

You’re welcome. I don’t view it as having guts but, I am extremely motivated on family rights issues. After seeing what those godless NAZIs are capable of doing to completely innocent people with impunity and absolutely zero accountability, it’s definitely one of my missions in life to inform the ignorant masses about such things. Most people, Liberal and Conservative, are of the mindset that if CP$ shows up at someone’s home, then they must have done something wrong. Since all proceedings are performed in the secrecy of the family court and gag orders are common, the public doesn’t ever see just how corrupt and unconstitutional the process is.

This is the reality of Hitlery’s Village. If she is the nominee for the Dems, The reps need to exploit the reality of her “Village” and her support for ratifying the UN Childrens Bill of Rights which is a commitment for take over of the family unit by the government. It will be the ultimate tool for taking any parental rights that presently exist. Anyone hat downplays that fact is either a fool or a tool.

Right to Privacy

Doe v. East Stroudsburg School District

In a case in which several sixth grade girls in a public school in a Pocono Mountains community were forced to undergo physical examinations in school without proper parental consent, Williams, Cuker and Berezofsky attorneys successfully argued that the girls’ civil rights and their right to privacy had been violated. After the suit against the school district was litigated successfully, Williams, Cuker and Berezofsky **also effected a settlement with the physician who was involved. **…icantCases.htm

Other good info;

“Health” is the latest government excuse for new atrocities to be visited upon every child and adult in America. Read the following stories and see what you think:
Eleven Year Olds Violated By Goals 2000 – Literally
Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Ended Nationwide By Stealth Legislation
Six Year Old Suspended For Sharing Lemon Drops
Government Inspectors Can Enter Your House At Any Time – For Your Own Safety
Children’s Games Now Considered Terrorism

Couple more links;

Alliance for the Separation of School & State

Eagle Forum Education and legal defense fund


Everyone of those links was horrifying, bucks. I’m really frightened for my child now (like I wasn’t already.) I cannot believe this is the USA. Well here it is people! Here is what the Democrats wanted, and they got it! Children aren’t considered human beings, they’re just really really valuable government property that parents are given stewardship over. We parents are now valets at the most expensive restaurant in town. Park this car and if the seat has been adjusted or the radio channel switched in those Bentleys -we’re fired.



This article, NAZIs and CPSmakes an interesting comparison that is just too uncanny to ignore. I posted a separate thread on this a long time ago. Apparently, this article never made it into the sticky thead.

Just saw this website, and it looks like a good resource.

Defend Marriage believes that the effort by homosexual activists and their liberal allies to force the legalization of same-sex “marriage” is the most serious new threat to traditional marriage and the family.

Currently, our primary focus is to defend marriage internationally as the union of one man and one woman.

Pam Roach Report –

The first is my Washington State Republican Senator who is in the forefront of fighting CPS in my state.

The second is The group of Republicans who are fighting to keep parental right with the parents on the federal level. As far as I know, only one signed onto the federal bill is a dem.

This is a report that shows that the state does put children in harms way.

this is only the tip of the iceberg.

[**Child Protection at the Crossroads
Child Abuse, Child Protection, and Recommendations for Reform
Susan Orr
October 1, 1999

Executive Summary**](

This is a link to the Executive Summary of the subject report. Even though it is dated nearly 10 years ago, it is just as applicable today as when it was written. Only the stats have changed but, I doubt by much. It contains a link to the PDF of the entire rereport.

The primary recommendations are shown below.

The primary recommendations for reform are as follows:

1.Narrow the scope of child abuse and neglect definitions. Scholars and child-welfare experts from across the political spectrum agree that narrowing the scope of child abuse and neglect would allow CPS to focus on the most drastic cases. Much that is now defined as child abuse and neglect does not merit governmental interference.

2.Place the investigatory powers with the police. Police are trained in matters of investigation. It is the nature of child protection to be accusatory. Cloaking the investigation under social services and anonymity does nothing to hide that essential fact. The behavior that we are discussing is criminal in nature; therefore police should gather the evidence. Once the scope of what constitutes child abuse is appropriately narrow, local police would be the best government agency to conduct investigations. If the investigation suggests a crime was committed, the case would then proceed to court for adjudication.

3.Re-criminalize child abuse and neglect. Having already narrowed the scope of child abuse and neglect to serious cases, what remain are cases of assault and serious neglect. That means that the standard would be the same if someone harmed a stranger’s child or her own. Now child abusers are only guaranteed punishment if they harm someone not related to themselves. Most importantly, criminal cases require public records and due process.

4.Repeal mandatory reporting laws that are in effect in all the states. Mandatory reporting laws, designed to encourage those who work with children to report incidents of maltreatment, have had two negative effects. First, they encourage unnecessary reporting because professionals must report all of their suspicions under threat of prosecution. While such prosecutions are rare, one shouldn’t have to report suspicions. Reporting should be restricted to more concrete evidence of a crime. Second, mandatory reporting discourages fellow citizens from taking positive neighborhood action with families in trouble. Citizens tend to consider that their responsibilities have been met when they call an anonymous hotline, because that is what the law tells them to do. Knocking on the door and offering help to a family, which is troubled, but not engaged in criminal behavior, may be the more appropriate alternative.

5.Make child and family services voluntary. Having separated criminal behavior from deficient parenting, we could enable caseworkers to do what they were trained to do and what they do best, i.e., social work. Without the threat of child removal hanging over their heads, parents might more willingly accept services—such as help with parenting skills. Knowing that an agency only provides services, parents might be more receptive to receiving such help. Moreover, these services should be privatized, as private agencies with performance-based contracts tend to work more effectively than state bureaucracies.

An additional recommendation that I would make is the elimination of anonymous reports. That would get rid of lots of wsteful false allegations made by spineles worms that just want to see children and their families destroyed for their own selfish reasons.

CL, I couldn’t give a more “hear, hear!” if I tried.
One exception; parents who don’t think they need help, but do, will the deny it the most. Which is not to be misinterpreted as forcing them to get it.

Governments have an easier time gaining more power and coercing more of its citizens when families are broken up. Look at Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union as examples.

This is a link to the subject article.

Harvard Researchers Want Fat Kids Taken from Their Homes - John Hudson -

This is a link to the RO thread that discusses it.