Family: Will Rogers

He is known to have said: “While riding a tiger it is dangerous to dismount”.

And…“There are men running govenments who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches”.

I can go out the back yard, over the back pasture fence, over several pastures next door and arrive at a family relationship to Will Rogers. His wife was Gegohele, the daughter of the Paint Klan Chief, but was given the name Catherine. (“Indians” were Klans and Nations, not Tribes. That is a white man term.) [Sooo, what were they before “we” called them “Indians” and “Native Americans”? America had not even been formed when white man ran into them.]

What’s your point here? My wife’s great-grandmother Daniels was full-blood Cherokee, making her grandmother 1/2, her father 1/4 and her 1/8th. Her great-great grandmother was a survivor of the trail of tears when the “clan” was walked from the Carolinas to Oklahoma.

My great-great Grandmother was from Ethopia, in her childhood she had to dodge m-m-man eaters. Lions, not cannibals.

I just thought this would be an interesting topic. My paternal great-grandmother Oxley was full-blood Cherokee, but our family members missed the trail of tears by hiding in the woods. That was a horrible mistreatment of mankind.