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I thought it’d be interesting to post about your famous ancestors. My most famous ancestor is Sir Francis Drake. He was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and the second pers on to do it ever. He was also instrumental in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. To the English he washers and to the Spanish he was El Draque (the dragon) the pirate. A spaniard named Gonzalo del Castillo wrote to the king of Spain about Drake saying, "the people of quality dislike him for having risen so high from such a lowly family; the rest say he is the main cause of war."So what interesting ancestors do you all have? Francis Drake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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My most famous ancestor is me, but I won’t say who I am.


You’re the mysterious John Galt


Robert E. Lee


No famous ancestors of any note. However, there’s a story to go with that.

I was adopted at age five, and as most adoptees want to think, I always held the fantasy that my “real” family was royalty, wealthy, and owned castles in Europe.

When I was 26 my “real” family found me (a “Ralph Edwards: This Is Your Real Life” story. For those too young, Ralph Edwards hosted a TV show that featured stories like mine, though my story was not one of his features. Anyway, that story is not the subject of this post.)

One of my real brothers had done some genealogy, traveling all the way over to Scotland (my real family surname was “Jamieson”).

Long story short, he discovered that our ancestors in Scotland were . . . drum roll . . . “crofters”, the Scotish version of share croppers. They lived in mud huts and herded cattle on estates not theirs.

So much for fantasies of royalty, wealth, and castles. Sometimes the reality is just plain old ho-hum.


Not really famous but did leave a mark in history.

Isaac Woodard Jr.


My sister-in-law found out a few years ago that she had Polish royalty in her ancestry. I don’t know of any famous person in my direct ancestry; the “best” connection I know of (not an ancestor, because he had no progeny) was that my great-grandmother (I think) was a cousin of Wild Bill Hickok. Following another line, I am probably distantly related to John Wayne.


Interesting interesting. Drake was like my great great great great great great uncle.


[quote=“BullsOnParade, post:9, topic:38030”]
Interesting interesting. Drake was like my great great great great great great uncle.
[/quote]And do you have any talent in sailing? Being in land-locked Oklahoma it’s probably of little use even if you have that gene. Do you sing pirate songs in the shower?


I’m good at drinking and want to travel he world and be a soldier. I have his blood haha


Theodoric I.


Daniel Boone, a cousin type I think.

Daniel Boone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


There’s like 5 Greats between myself and an Uncle that was in on the invention of both Bubble Gum and Kool Ade. Closest I know of any famous relative. Jackob I believe was his last name.


John Roselli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to the family lore, this is my great great uncle