Far left Democrats tear down Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt statues in Portland, Oregon

The far left Democrats are at it again. This time they torn down two statues, one of Abraham Lincoln and a second of Theodore Roosevelt in a “night of rage” on Columbus Day Eve, October 12.

Do these anarchists know any history at all? Many of them are recent college graduates. They claim to be against slavery and racism and for the environment and yet now they are tearing to down statues of men who pushed for racial justice and in Roosevelt’s case, the environment.

Clearly the Democrats should condemn these actions and support the prosecution of those who are responsible for this destruction of public property. Somehow I suspect that @csbrown28 with whisper opposition to it at most.

Here are a couple of political items, issued when these men were in office, that might remind you, or perhaps teach you, a little history.

1860 Campaign: No more slave territory

1864 Campaign: "… Slavery must be abolished …

Theodore Roosevelt: Luncheon with Booker T. Washington at the White House. Roosevelt caught a lot of heat for this.

These “young freedom fighters” also attacked a museum. I thought that museums were off-limits for destruction. Of course, the Nazis didn’t observe those niceties and neither do these thugs. They are out to destroy our society, our culture and our history and replace it with their “non violent revolution” and “season of love” unless, of course you don’t agree with them.

This is what the colleges and universities have done to the young generation. They have turned large numbers of them into thugs and anarchists. Shame on so-called "higher education."


I’m against tearing down any statue anywhere, not because I don’t think that some should be moved (not destroyed), but that tearing down statues is not going to fix the problem.

So yes, I oppose the vandalism and completely support prosecution of anyone that uses vandalism as a way to make a political statement.

@Sendgop How do you feel about statues of Columbus? That is, are you against their removal?

See, he made my point!

I am surprised that I don’t have supply a link for him to respond.

Frankly, I wouldn’t take down any statues because there is something to be learned about most any historical figure that rated one, including the Confederate ones. If I lived in Iraq, and people wanted to take down Saddam Hussein, I would feel differently. He ruined their lives and treated them poorly.

The whole controversy over Columbus is Politically Correct BS. Was he the first man to set foot in North or South America? No. The Vikings landed on the Canadian coast about 500 years earlier, BUT did that change history? No.

Columbus opened up America for Europe. That was huge. The PC crowd will condemn that because the White man should never come here in their opinion.

Was Columbus a bastard? Probably, but he was no different than many other people of his time who were out for money and power, just like some many Democrats, Republicans and business people are today. He was no worse than many of the natives who were here. Many of them were cruel and fell well below the definition of “civilized”

Was Columbus the worst European bastard? No, but he is the most famous and the most honored. That has made him the left’s most hated poster child. He also long been honored as a great American hero, which is one more reason for the left hate him. They hate the American capitalist system and by extension America’s past so hating Columbus is part of the plan to tear down America.

I would rate some other Europeans, such as Pizarro and Cortez as far worse than Columbus. I also give low marks to the Spaniards who enslaved the Indians and forced them to work in the gold and silver mines in South America to make them rich. Now, there are some true bastards, but they aren’t famous and there are no statues of them for the left to pull down.

I’d also give low marks to Andrew Jackson for running the Cherokees off their land in Georgia thus starting the “the trail of tears.” But Jackson’s statue in New Orleans was built for his defense of the that city which kept out the British at the end of the War of 1812. Therefore, the statue should stay because that was a significant event in our nation’s fight for freedom and independence from European domination.

So, now that I have flunked your test @csbrown28, you can have your hissy fit. You can call me a bigot or any other pejorative term. I don’t care because your opinion has come to mean less and less to me in recent months.

The college students of my generation used to complain that the professors wanted them “to vomit back” the same opinions they were fed in class. They had a point. Reasoned debate is going down the crapper in this country because of the left and Political Correctness. I’m too old to change that, but I’m not going down without a fight.

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I didn’t say they should be taken down, read again.

I was just curious about your opinion. Would you say that you feel strongly about maintaining statues of Columbus?

Flunked? Dam, that was a hard test.

And I have to say, wow, feeling a little defensive?

I was just curious about your feeling about Columbus. I could really care less one way or another about his statues, I knew that you’d fill me in on a more right-leaning justification for maintaining them and that’s what I wanted to know.

As I said before, I don’t see any reason pull any statue down unless you are the first generation victim of a tyrant like Saddam Hussein. If somebody did something to your great-great-great granddaddy, and he’s a historical figure, study something about that person and leave it alone.

It is my understanding that the PC crowd wants to take down every Confederate statue in Richmond, Virginia. If you go there, there is the Confederate White House, a big Confederate Museum, Tredegar Iron Works and statues of Confederate heroes, like Robert E. Lee. As a tourist, I would like to see that stuff, but the snowflakes want to tear all of the statues down. After they get done with that, the next thing will be the museums. Mark my words.

There is a Lincoln statue in Boston that is a copy of the one that’s in DC, which the anarchists wanted to tear down, but was saved by the police. It has Lincoln standing with a former slave on hands and knees at his feet. It was erected in the 1870s. The snowflakes want to tear that down because it demeans Black people. One little snowflake who was interviewed on TV said that the stature had offended him all of his life.

Get a grip, snowflake. When Lincoln visited Richmond, a week before he was assassinated and a week after the end of the war, Black people rushed up to him and fell on their hands and knees. He told them to rise. Still it was what happened at that time, and it was a 19th century representation of what emancipation was like. The slaves were down and out, and Lincoln started to improve their status. The symbolism was correct. You would never build something like to today, but given that it’s over a century old, it’s a reflection of that time. Leave it alone and learn from it.

No, you wanted a PC answer from me that I wanted all of the Columbus statures removed. It was a test to see if I had learned what I ought to say. Obviously I haven’t.

Here’s a commemorative gold coin from 1992. Shall we have all of these pieces melted because it offends the snowflakes?

How about this half dollar from 1892? Does it need to go to the melting pot because it depicts someone the snowflakes don’t like? I will guarantee you the U.S. Mint won’t issue a Columbus coin in 2092.

Statues erected during the Jim Crow era were put up for one reason and it wasn’t to celebrate southern heritage (whatever that means).

What is southern heritage? How does it differ from the heritage of other Americans? What is it that separates so called southern heritage?

Try to remember that MOST of those statues of “Southern heroes” were erected BY Democrats, longing for the good ol’ days of slavery and rebellion against the abolitionists and honoring those who fought with distinction in the “War of Northern Aggression.”


Don’t care who erected them, what matters is why.

And yet, they ARE part of the national heritage and should be left alone as a reminder of where we came from.

Lots of stuff has been part of the national heritage. It doesn’t mean we need to put up statues as a constant reminder of the painful parts. Are y’all masochists or something? It’s not like Germany has statues of Nazi leaders.

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So @Gene, like the the anarchists, you want to ignore history and learn nothing from it. It Is remarkable that you think of yourself as an innate expert.

No historical figure is perfect. They were all human at some point with flaws. One point of history is to see how they worked through those flaws or didn’t. Perhaps there is something to be learned from that, but these young nihilists have no interest in that.

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Confederates were worse than anarchists. They literally quit the United States and started a war with us.

Actually, they weren’t even CLOSE to being anarchists. They didn’t run willy-nilly around the country burning down buildings and killing people at random. They formed their own GOVERNMENT with its own laws and rules. To them, the U.S. government became the “intolerant tyranny” from which we divorced ourselves a mere 80+ years earlier. They saw no difference between the Revolution and their secession from the union, which the union was dead-set on preventing, even by the use of force of arms and passing draconian laws.

There! You see that you learned something from the history. Your interpretation might not agree with other people’s perceptions, but you have an informed opinion.

If the nihilists who tear down statues had their way, you won’t have any books or essays to read about the Civil War era.

These people just don’t want to re-write history; they want to obliterate it.

It is intellectually incongruous to profess opposition to tearing down monuments while at the same time supporting candidates who give support to those who do.

It is likewise, fundamentally dishonest to claim the moral high ground and claim the mantra of democracy while supporting and seeking support from those who loot, injure, threaten and burn.


Yes, we remember, they wanted to own human beings and force them to labor. And, well, ya know, that’s immoral and they got their asses kicked like they should and, while it’s important to remember how screwed up that kind of thinking was, we don’t need statues in city parks and squares to remind us, we can read about how messed up they were in the pages of a book, thank you.

Now, as I’ve said, I have no problem moving those statues to museums around the country where people can be reminded of the treasonous nature of the men in those statues fighting for the right to own humans and press them into labor and how utterly immoral it was.

Here, let me show you how utterly vacuous that argument is.

Do you support the police?

So why are they tearing down statues of Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Father Junipiro Serra, et al? They are guilty of none of the things you claim the Confederates we’re.

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