Far left Democrats tear down Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt statues in Portland, Oregon

Because owing people is much, much worse than tearing down inanimate objects.

I just don’t understand how tearing statues down is going to help them. I don’t agree with their opinion of Columbus. He was a Catholic man and before I see the hisses and daggers, back then being a Catholic (from a Catholic country!) was very, very important. Does anyone know why he named the biggest ship the “Sancta Maria”? I’m so sick of people trying to muddy the names of those people in the past who were white Europeans as if that is something of which to be ashamed. I’m so glad I’m old and will die sooner than later.

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Imagine if during the Communist panic of the 1950’s statues of Marx and Engels or other folks who played a role in communism here in the US like Alfred Wagenknecht or C. E. Ruthenberg were erected.

Now, if hypothetically, we had erected statues of these men would the fact that they are “part of history” make any difference to you or people that share your ideology?


Columbus, believing there was gold in Hati pressed every man woman, and child into service to bring him a certain quota of gold, those that did not have their hands cut off or were tied up until they bleed to death. About 10 thousand people were killed this way. Of course, there was very little if any gold there, so, as you can imagine, a lot of people were punished unnecessarily. Of course Columbus was also an enterprising slave trader.

Columbus was brutal and presided over the feeding of children to Spanish Hunting dogs in Hati. And before you scream revisionist history, try to remember that the Queen of Spain, Isabella, and King Ferdinand, at the time commissioned Francisco De Bobadilla (Columbus’ replacement) to document Columbus’ atrocities which is where we learn about Columbus and what he did in a 48 page document.

Columbus was shacked and returned to Spain.

Now the reason I don’t get my panties all in a bunch over Columbus like I might over statues erected during the Jim Crow era, is that we celebrate Columbus not for who he was, rather who we thought he was. Intrepid explorer, discoverer of America and man willing to risk his life to prove the world was round.

All documented from the fictional book bt Washington Irving “The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus”.

But who knew. Mostly fiction and that’s where the celebration of Columbus began.

Now we know we were wrong, he was really an asshole who allowed his men to rape, torture and murder indigenous peoples looking for gold. Now that we know that, we should probably recognize it and stop glorifying the man. He didn’t discover America, humans had known the earth was round going back 4000 years to the Greeks and he wasn’t an explorer as much as a profiteer.

Maybe it is time to rethink Columbus.

And to @Sendgop who claims he exported European Christian values, well, I can’t agree more.

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Socialism is the modern form of slavery.

Democrats like to talk about how they are “progressive,” and that their movement is the wave of the future. In fact it is the wave of the past. It’s no different from when the Kings of England owned and ran virtually everything. William the Conqueror had the Doomsday Book where he had every piece land, house and livestock recorded. He could take anything at his will. Whatever property rights you had were at his will.

Socialists are the same way. The state owns all the property. The state makes all the big decisions as to how the property will be used. In return, the state provides security and freedom from want. The state will also right all racial injustice because it will have to power to do that by decree. In other words the state is the king. This is what the “progressive Democrats” long for.

They call it “progressive.” I call it “regressive.”

And yet Democrats don’t support that. That is a fantasy of you’re own making.


What you see now are steps toward that ownership. AOC and Bernie Sanders are both devout socialists, and they are the intellectual force in the party. Black Lives Matter is the strong arm of the Democrat Party and they are avowed communists. Their leadership proudly says that they are “trained communists.”

You can live in your little dream world, or you can lie to us. I don’t know what’s in you head other than 100% support for stateism, but if you think that the capitalist system will survive under the complete control of this bunch of Democrats, you are delusional


Not a word of that about Columbus is historically factual, CSB and I think even someone as ignorant as you seem to be would know that. Those accusations against him were lodged by his mortal, political ENEMY–much like today’s Democrats vilify and lie about who President Trump is and what he stands for. Just for example, he is not now and never has been a “racist,” one of the worst things you can call a politician today.

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It’s amazing to me how low the right will sink to defend “white European christian heritage”.

I know it hurts, but it’s true, Washington Irving’s book was a work of fiction.

Columbus, in fact, PROHIBITED his crew from exploiting or in any way harming the natives they encountered in the New World. He delighted in introducing them to Christianity and, in fact, baptized several of them in the Catholic faith. He didn’t “torture” anyone and punished any of his own men who did so…or even thought about doing so

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First, AOC and Sanders aren’t “The democratic party”. They are Democratic Socialists who ran on the Democratic ticket because in this country it’s nearly impossible to win as anything else.

That said, I don’t know much about AOC with respect to her socialist beliefs, but she does endorse Sanders so by inference I suspect she does not support the government owning the means of production except in limited instances where the capitalist model fails.

Schools, prisons, utility companies and healthcare to name a few.

No one wants the car industry, or Silicon Valley companies (just to name a few) to be government run. Again, that’s just a fantasy you promote to scare people into voting Republican.

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Apparently Obama did since he gave control of GM to the Auto Union, FIRED the Chrysler CEO (for a first for a sitting President), bailed out GM and Chrysler on the condition that the union workers would reap the benefits of the bailout and not GM stockholders.

A bailout is not “owning the means of production”…lol


No. That’s ACTUAL history. Bobadilla’s document transmitted to the king and queen was entirely a work of fiction and caused him to be sent home in chains yet is the basis for the current vilification of Columbus by the morons on the left. Bobadilla hated Columbus and envied his renown as the man who opened up the New World to Europe.

That’s one of the big problems with your politics. If you don’t follow what AOC, “The Squad” or what Bernie Sanders is up to, you are not keeping up with Democrat Party politics. They are the movers and shakers in the Democrat Party. They control Pelosi and Schumer. Why do you think those two include her in their major policy statement press conferences?

It amazes me that a one term Congresswoman from New York City, who is so poorly informed, has that much power, but she does.

Of course I don’t believe for a second that you don’t know what AOC is up to. That is the facade you present here to save what little credibility you have left.

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Not quite right, they may have introduced diseases here that killed off the tribes in Canada who were gradually replaced by those further West. Their disappearance is something we still haven’t explained.

The sticking point is “why do I have to contribute tax dollars to maintain it?”

At the very least, the Feds should stay out of it.

America was pretty minimal about caring for Columbus for decades. Caring about him in any broad sense is something Italians introduced.

There were no statues to him here in, say, 1850, or at any point before.

Like the rush-job Confederate statues put up in the 1950s, celebrating him is very much a modern invention.

And if he goes away, who cares? He wasn’t an American, he didn’t contribute to the American Ideology of the Founders in any way, and all of his own ideas were wrong.

Why don’t we honor the guy America is named for? Why don’t we celebrate the Captain of the Pinta whose credited as the actual discoverer of America, by Spain?

Or why don’t we honor the guy who transcribed Columbus’ journals, who got the Pope to declare that Native Americans are human beings with dignity; with immortal souls we needed to appeal to, not condemn or treat cruelly?

He stole from his own men and was sent back to Spain in chains.

He spent his golden years suing for royalties he felt he earned running the Colony in the new world into the ground.

These became the longest running lawsuits in history.

No, not everyone in his time was like that.

LOL. Histórical revisionism again? It wasn’t Columbus who “ran the New World colonies into the ground.” It was, in fact, his successor as Governor…Bobadilla.

Yup, that’s why he was sent back. His own men revolted against him and his brothers.

Bobadilla was sent there by the crown to investigate, and found out that the Columbus’ were running things like despots.

That’s the history, always has been.


I can show you history books from the 1800s that talk about this.

So, the country did not pay much attention to Columbus until recently …

If that is so, why did Congress recognize Washington, DC as “The District of Columbia” in 1801? One could understand why we didn’t recognize him when we were a British colony, but in the context of U.S. history, 1801 is early in the game.

In addition, Columbia University’s name was changed from Kings College to Columbia College in 1784.

It looks like Columbus was getting recognition well before “modern times.”

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And I can show YOU history books from the 1800’s that deny all of this.