Farewell rescinded

You cut me deep PD, real deep.

Who cares?

He he…

Right, who cares?

He’s a socialist who won’t admit what he is. He uses coded language like “There are benefits from capitalism.” He also has said he barely knows who AOC is. Perhaps he one of Lenin’s NEP men reincarnated.

I would love get him together with an admitted socialist on another site. He’s from Minnesota and is in Omar’s Congressional district. He’s voting for Omar, of course, and then does his gymnastics to explain how Omar is not an anti-Semite. It’s funny how the Holocaust deniers and socialists now have a common cause. Care to join him, Mr. Brown? And like you, he prides himself as an “intellectual.”

Why are you guys still avoiding the new forum?

Eventually this place will crash, then all of your postings in recent weeks will be wasted.

The forum format at the new forum is far better than here.

This is what it looks like in my browser

It’s hard to take you seriously when you post stuff like this.

What do you mean you “need to wash your hair”? You can do that in the morning! I have tickets to the big concert, how can you choose a shower and Netflix over this!!!


I put up a post over there and never got a response. There Is nobody over there. The other forum looked so amateurish in design that I didn’t even bother to join.

Bull. You are a socialist and won’t own up to it. Why should I take you seriously?

It has been fixed, you saw a missing theme at the time of your visit. Now there is one, but since no one goes there, there are not posts in the site feedback area about the place.

I can change to another theme easily.

You contradict yourself, you say you haven’t joined, but by a miracle you made a post there.


I can change the theme to one that eliminates the thread rating appearance.

But why bother when no one joins over there?

I changed the theme, go take a look to see.

You put up links for two sites. I went to one, joined and put up a post with zero responses. I went to the other and was appalled but how amateurish it looked.

You barking up the wrong tree if you think that attacking people is going get them to post on your site. There is too little fun in life these days to put up with that. No live theater, no amusement parks, no trips to store without a mask that makes it hard to breath, no vacations and my wife is miserable. Life is no fun with this China virus, and don’t need you lecturing me.

I gave you link to just one forum, I think you are being confused here.

THIS is the link to American Republican Operative

You have NOT registered at either one of my two forums, I just checked the membership list, you are NOT on either one if you use Sendgop

I haven’t attacked you at all.

I registered as “LincolnCollector” on the skeptics site.


You are seeing the default theme, the forum is a resource forum, NOT a debate forum, there will be little response there, even from me.

You joined on September 12, 2020


Try the American Republican Operative forum, where Bob Jam, PeteS in Ca, Trumptrain2, Pappadave, Ret423, Caroline (Calypso Jones) have joined and posted.

Rightwing Nutjob will join soon too.


Edited to correct the URL to the new forum, sorry.

You think you can shame me into being who you think I am? LOL

It’s clear you don’t take me seriously and think it’s to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would happen in your own mind if you did.


My own experience says otherwise:

At first I thought brown was just here to debate civilly and exchange ideas. I thought “Finally . . . I’ve found a leftist I can have reasonable exchanges with”.

Then he made a post where he lifted his skirt and showed EXTREME leftist characteristics.

“Just an anomaly” I thought and let it go.

But then there were more EXTREME leftist vinegar-filled posts and it became ever so obvious this guy was rotten.

Some see that and some DO NOT. Some, for instance, apparently think this guy is here to debate reasonably and innocently exchange ideas.


I just want him to go away.

He keeps calling for equal outcomes with respect to income, yet he says he’s not a socialist. You point out how unemployment rates, labor participation rates and wages have all improved under Trump. All he can do is deny it and post ginned up statistics which claim that is not true. Even the main stream news media admitted those fact under their breath, but not Mr. Brown.

He claimed to barely know who AOC is, which is absurd if you follow the news at all. He will quietly condemn the left-wing sponsored violence in the streets, if you push him, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He won’t criticize the obviously political moves by Nancy Pelosi with respect to a second stimulus package for people and business that are really hurting.

You are right, @bobjam. He doesn’t bring anything constructive here. I would much rather have @trumptrain here than Mr. Brown. Sure, @trumptrain yelled at me a time or two, but at least you knew where he stood, and he was not sneaking around playing games with his positions.