After 5 years…

And lots of posts the following sort of interaction has really taken all of interest for me out of this forum. Some will be glad to see me go, others probably won’t care one way or another, and a few might actually miss the conversation.

This is what this forum has become?

I don’t need a “safe space” I need a decent space where people, regardless of their political affiliation treat each other with at least a modicum of respect. This forum, even in the midst of the most heated partisan debates never came close to what we’re seeing now. I think it’s a shame.

Sunsettommy seems to think this forum might be dying, ironically, it may have come just in time.

I might drop in after the election to either gloat or complain, but I have no interest in watching this forum be dragged down into the “children’s ball pit” of forums.

Trigger, the forum is yours…Have fun.

Signing off.


Translation: I cannot get one person here to believe my filthy lies or buy into my fascist socialism so I need to go somewhere else where there are like-minded pieces of shit like me.

LOL. Then whats the point of this whole sideshow thread, other than to give you a chance to cry and complain and whine.

You are the one who dragged it there with your never ending lies, perverting of peoples’ words, and your promotion of pure evil.

You promoted pure evil here for years. You spread poison and lies just as well as Satan himself.

Now the little Incubus cries and wants to leave. Boo hoo.

Hey though, for what its worth, some people here will miss you, if only because they will miss the daily reminder of how evil the other side is.Sendgop wants you to stay here to remind him of how filthy the Left is, and also because you give him a chance to beat the shit out of you in arguments. So for his sake I will tell you to stay.

As for me, I hope you get run over by as bus in the next two minutes.

I thought it was spelled “Farewell”.

Well I am one of those who doesn’t come in much. For an old man I sure stay awfully busy. Seems this new pacemaker is a masterpiece.
However, C Brown, Although you took a lot of heat for your views, at least you presented them, truth or falsehoods. Without someone who could at least present a brave tone one could argue against, we wind up preaching to the choir and that does get silly. You have been here quite a while, and this place won’t seem the same without you. I remember as I returned a couple of months ago, yours was one of the first names I remembered. Have a good life friend, and do pop in once in a while.


Thank you. I appreciate the kind words, proof that people can differ bitterly on issues, but treat each other with kindness.

Glad to hear the new pacemaker is working out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck to you!

Sorry to see you go man, having debates with you is easily 1/3 of the reason I still come here.

You offer up your ideas with high degree of clarity, which is a rarity here or anywhere else, and it’s easy to tell that you’re genuine about the beliefs which motivate those ideas.

To echo njc17, I hope you drop by now and again. Have a good one.

100% the same here.

Take care.

Sorry to see you leave, you and Alaska Sim could just take a break then consider joining the new

American Republican Operative

Please read this: Zone posting conduct guidelines

I will be around every day, take moderation seriously.

LOL. He says farewell three days ago and is still posting. He can’t even stop lying when he says he’s going to stop lying.

Feel free to delete my subscription over there.

Feel free to explain the sudden decision to leave.

You posted a bunch of times, never moderated at all, was a good member, then you suddenly want the account shut down,

I wonder at your sudden change…

Don’t want to explain. Just leaving

Your sudden departure after making a lot of posts, makes me think you are upset at me,

Was it my not making you moderator, as requested several times?

Was it the Posting of forum conduct and posting rules bother you so much knowing I wouldn’t tolerate your over the top personal attacks you have done here to many, including me?

Feel free to leave in peace.




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