13, going on 14 days. Lost 26 pounds thus far.

Would like to lose 40 (I’d be in a healthy BMI at that point), but I think I’ll fall a few pounds short of that by day 18.

Will probably have to do a shorter 5-7 day fast to lose the rest.

You are likely loosing weight. My mother had anorexia died at 60 most die at 46. I mentioned your idea to a nutritionist, and she said what you are doing is part of an eating disorder. Unless done under the guise of mass spiritual things they do in mega churches. The nutritionist was obese so yeah you got a eating disorder and she’s jealous. I really think you do have one, and we hire obese nutritionists here so laugh. Life is a bunch of lights emotions and existentialism then we give up the ghost. If you wanna go out like that ya know that’s your jazz. I’m gonna do me and avoid diabetes and lack, of mobility have as much nice things without damaging my body. Is it all about control? “radio heads creep plays” wanna perfect body wanna perfect soul cause I’m a creep I’m a widow what the hell I am doing here. Me before I was ok with me. I’m a hypocrite because if you were doing it for spiritual reasons rather than body image control I’d respect it in a way.

Yeah… in the the title post I said I lost 26 pounds.

Sounds like she’s stuck in the 90s when most of the people in the public eye were skinny, anorexic teen girls.

Studies on this have been run, there’s a clinic Germany that pretty much lead everyone else on it:

Peter Attia is the person I listen to the most; he’s a Doctor and a longevity expert, and he regularly does a 7-day fast every quarter.

I do this because fasting is therapeutic for people with a family history of type 2 diabetes. Lowers your glucose, reins in your insulin resistance, cuts down on inflammation all together, and cellular autophagy is also a pretty neat side effect.

Plus I like running Keto, and fasting is a great synergistic practice for that as it metabolically switches your body into burning fat.

Again, not recommending anyone do this off the bat. It took me two years of intermittent fasting and smaller fasts before I was ready to do it longer term.

I was wondering when Joe Rogan was going to get a mention in this thread, I just wasn’t expecting it so soon.

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Also Dr. Jason Fung, his book is something I’ve used as a guide for what to do while I’m fasting:

How many calories per day do you eat during fasts,? Do you think you will be able to keep the weight off once you’re done? It can be easy to yo-yo weight without long term changes.

< 100 from Bone broth and vitamin water, and yes I’m familiar with yo-yoing. Re-feed syndrome is real, so I know how to take it slow and just as importantly, what to eat to return back to eating.

I understand it’s working but that sounds pretty extreme. Are you familiar with BMR? There’s a minimum calorie requirement to keep your body functioning normally at rest. You can definitely go below that by a good amount to lose weight, but it’s important to have a decent amount of calories to fuel basic bodily functions. In any case, you should go to the doctor and get an appointment with a nutritionist to consult with on this.

My BMI is just below 25, I’m pretty certain I’m not at risk. I have not reached, nor have I ever reached, stage 5 ketosis.

I did Keto for a while. I was in ketosis for about 60 days keeping carbs under 20. I gradually raised that to about 30-50 per day and lost 40 lbs in about 7 months. Kept the weight off for 2 years, then over the next two years I put about 30lbs back on, but one thing I didn’t go back to was drinking sugar. I don’t drink sugar or calories, and that’s helped a little.

Incendently I had my “numbers” checked during and a year after I did this. All of my numbers were normal.

She was stuck in 1971 she really liked Twiggy and the band Bread. My mom was about as edgy as a pillow. Used to get after me for smoking herb because she had a DEA license and could lose it well arrest me call the feds lol. She was a pharmacist and I told that woman she got people higher than any my of dealers ever did. She hated that. Anyway keep on being trendy bro.

Its like yeah I’m gonna die 7 years before my time so I enjoy every minute of it Red Bull Pork Chops Tramadol to ease my particular disease I’ll die at 73 at this rate you’ll make it to 80 have a ton of fun in those last 7 years bro.

I did Keto for 3 months lost like 40 lbs kept it off for two years also. I was flipping every girl on the block but damn it rather have my hometown sweetheart “wifey”, and a cup of ben and Jerry’s. Real dieting is calories in calories out lifestyle choices etc.

Yeah, it was the limited diet that made it so hard. eating the same crap over and over…

I limited myself to 1800 only 15% daily carb intake. Same foods eggs eggs eggs meat meat meat.

Yeah, I ate a lot of meat, but to be honest, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my calories. I just tried to make sure I was getting decent servings of veggies to go along with all that meat cheese and eggs.

You can get plugged up worse than the three gorges dam if you’t get them veggies.

Hahah, definitely. There was a few times I thought I knew what it might be like to give birth.

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