Father --daughter bonding


We can laugh and snort with approving outrage.

But it used to be that way.

My ex…was the oldest kid in her family. Her father was a hunter.

There was some tensile dynamics there…he was disappointed that his oldest was not male. But…it is what it is.

And of course she idolized Daddy, as little girls will.

He’d take her hunting. And he gave her good advice, the whole way. This was in the era of television’s infancy; when the Disney cartoons were everywhere.

He told her: “This is not Walt Disney. This is not Bambi. This is a wild deer; it is meat. We will take it home and eat it.”

She learned how to field dress a deer. She learned how to clean a gun. And later, how to shoot a gun. And how to get her own deer with her own permit.

Sadly, it all ended for her at about twelve. I don’t know the details; it may be her mother, who was very different from her father, put a stop to it.

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In this world where we have action figures that are women and a push to make women more able to cope with situations it is ironic that those who profess feminism lack even the basic self reliance that women should strife for. A MAN is not afraid of a women who can hold her own and not resort to the old stereo types of women coming apart over every little thing.

We went from Cagney and Lacy to Xena and heroines of today. pioneer women had to cope and even fight along side their men. Some where in between we were inundated with the helpless woman. The kind that screams at the sight of blood and manages to fall down when chased by the bad guy or monster resulting in everyone getting killed.

Very cool! Now I have a new project idea to do with my granddaughter and grandson :slight_smile:

Teach the granddaughter how to dress out a fresh kill. Video it…of her cutting the guts out; of the smoking gun in the background. Like most kids who’re intent with a project, she’ll be focused.

Freak out the liberals in your school district…a little girl taught how to carve up Bambi and then PUT BODY PARTS in a pan, and then EAT them!

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A lot of people claim that the movie of Bambi turned a lot of people against hunting, because the following fall there were far fewer hunters in the field during deer season. Of course, people claim that “Bambi” was the reason for it. They didn’t even consider the fact that since the previous deer hunting season, our country went to war, and many potential hunters were out in the “field” hunting for Nazis and Kamikazis.