Father says he's still paying child support for 3-year-old son who died 25 years ago


Lional Campbell’s son, Michael, passed away at the age of three from acute meningitis.

“It took a lot out of me,” says Campbell who is from Detroit and now lives in Kentucky. And it’s that distance that is making even more difficult for Campbell to wage a fight with Wayne County Friend of the Court over child support that Campbell says he is still paying for Michael.

[FONT=arial]A spokesperson for the Friend of the Court says no one ever notified them of the boy’s death until Campbell began asking why he still owed child support in 2011 for a child that was deceased by the age of 3.

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In Illinois, one must petition the court to end child support other wise one continues paying. I remember talking to a friend of mine who said he was still paying for his children although they were in their twenties.



And I thought my daughter had it bad when she had to pay for two children until the youngest reached 18.


Assuming the facts of this are pretty much as stated, with nothing omitted/withheld, what a mess! For some reason, I’m inclined to believe that this is merely one of the worst abuse cases in an incompetent and abusive system! And how do multiple audits come up with wildly differing numbers?


The Mrs is a clerk at Child Support. She LOL’ed when I told her about this. The guy should have petitioned the court when the child passed away. It’s the only way to get the order removed. This is more his fault than the office, they can not stop anything without a court order. Not defending the system here, just pointing out the rules. One would think sometime in the last 23 years he would have questioned something and the office should have told him to go to court.


Nothing is auomatic wrt to a government office. One must initiate an action to cause change. Although a little different, many people that that my wife would automatically become a US Citizen upon our marriage. Even if our marriage would have hastened her citizenship (which it dsidn’t), it would have required some form to be submitted.


He didn’t think to ask about this 25 years ago?

And his wife must be a jerk if she’s been accepting money for 25 years…


The article explains his how his confusion (somewhat confusingly) led to his delay. The article also mentioned that she declined to comment … I think I can understand that … sort of …


[quote=“Susanna, post:2, topic:38254”]
And I thought my daughter had it bad when she had to pay for two children until the youngest reached 18.
[/quote]Actually one can petition the court as each child reaches 18 but also keep in mind the custodian parent can ask for a financial audit to see if your income is greater and the government will take a bigger bite if so. Parents can ask for support even up to college. I was once in divorce court with a friend and there was a case where the ex-husband was pleading money problems and the wife wanted him to pay for college. The judge ordered that the man had to pay one third, the wife one third, and the child one third. This all depends what was put in the divorce decreed. In addition the father can be held liable for half of medical expenses and other expenses.


From the OP:

And after so many erroneous audits, Campbell still doubts he owes that amount because for so many years he was paying for what court officials believed were two children.

A spokesperson for Friend of the Court tells 7 Action News that there is no clear reason other than human error to explain why multiple audits generated such varied amounts.

The case is also complicated by factors that include: appropriately detangling the surcharges; gaps in Campbell’s employment history; and payments for two children that were being made for many years.

Yo! Michigan! It ain’t that difficult. It’s called MATH.

Turns out, it’s not this guy’s fault that he kept paying because he was told by the court that it was what he owed in arrears. Considering the above proof of what mathmatical geniuses they are(n’t), it’s a no wonder.
Most likely, it was simply easier for them to go on collecting.

And if you’ve ever dealth with, “Friend of the Court” before, (at least in MI), you know that’s exactly what they are: A Friend of the Court.


It should be automatic as soon as the child is reported dead. A lot of this stuff should be automatic. As far as my daughter’s situation went, she was out of work for some of that time, and because of having to pay child support, wound up with a bankruptcy that she wouldn’t have had otherwise. CYS will try to bleed you for everything you have, even if it isn’t going directly to them. They are THE authority of what is best for the child/children.



Why? No government office that I’m aware of automatically forwards a death certificate to Child Protective Services, Friend of the Court, or whomever. That’s up to the person paying child support to see to, hard as it may be.

IAC, the woman who collected on all this is gonna be in hot water.


Requesting more automatic stuff also requires more government intervention and processes to make it happen, resulting in bigger government. We don’t want that. It’s better to just handle it yourself. My local departments mess up enough stuff already without giving them anything more to do.


I doubt it. People abuse the child support system all of the time and are not held accountable unless it cost the government. Only then are they held accountable.


I hear ya, CL. It’s basically what I meant. Mighta helped if I’d finished my sentence, though.

“She’s gonna end up being in hot water IF it ends up costing the state.”

And it’s beginning to look like it might 'cuz it appears this guy isn’t going away any time too soon. IOW, he may have a case, and as you know, the state never pays, even when they’re the ones to fault.