Favorite Presidents, Prime Minister, world leaders etc....


American Presidents:

  1. George W. Bush (I’m a Bush Republican)
  2. Ronald Reagan (I’m also a Reagan Conservative, so yea talk about weird mix, right?)
  3. Calvin Coolidge (Capitalism at it’s best)
  4. Thomas Jefferson (My favorite of the founders)
  5. George Washington
  6. George H.W. Bush (Weak on Israel, but good man who had great intentions. Also strong on other foreign policy issues)
  7. Abraham Lincoln (self-explanatory)
  8. James Madison
  9. Grover Cleveland (One of the greatest pols to come out of that wretched party)
  10. Dwight Eisenhower (I like Ike)
  11. Harry Truman (Supported creation of Israel, very ballsy for dropping the bombs, overall very good on foreign policy)
  12. William McKinley (I don’t like that he was in love with raising tarriffs but he was still a good president)
  13. James K. Polk (VERY underrated president)

Israeli PMs:

  1. Menachem Begin (Loved his country, and stood firm for his and Israel’s beliefs)
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi is plain awesome. Kick sticking it to Obama my friend)
  3. Yitzhak Shamir (Like Begin, very firm and very strong in his beliefs)
  4. Golda Meir (Despite my issues with some of her personal beliefs, she was a very good leader for Israel)
  5. David Ben-Gurion (Israeli hero. Great man.)

British PMs:

  1. Margaret Thatcher (I’m a Thatcher Tory through and through)
  2. Winston Churchill (Self-explanatory)
  3. Tony Blair (I’m a Neocon. That’s my excuse)
  4. John Major
  5. Harold Macmillan

Australia PMs:

  1. John Howard (Australia’s Reagan)
  2. Robert Menzies (Australia’s Churchill)
  3. Bob Hawke (Extremely Pro-Israel, and pretty conservative for a leftist)
  4. Joseph Lyons (Conservative on fiscal policy)

Canada PMs:

  1. Stephen Harper (Um, simply amazing leader. Pro-Israel, Strong on economic issues and devoted to making Canada a world power)
  2. Louis St. Laurent (Compared to some other PMs, he was amazing)

**Czech Republic Presidents:

**1. Vaclav Havel (Strongly Anti-Communist, and a friend of Israel and Jews.)

**Germany Chancellors:

  1. Angela Merkel (Pretty Conservative, good friend of U.S. and Israel)

These are my favorite world leaders from certain countries. What about you guys?


US Presidents:

  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Calvin Coolidge
  3. Grover Cleveland

UK Prime Ministers:

  1. Winston Churchill
  2. William Gladstone
  3. Stanley Baldwin

Other Cool World Leaders (Chronological Order):
David of Israel
Lucius Junius Brutus
Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger
Marcus Antonius
Charles Martel
Alfred the Great
Llewellyn Ap Gruffydd
William Wallace
Owain Glyndwr
Constantine XI Palaiologos
Elizabeth I
Shah Jahan
William III of England
Chief Pontiac
Vicente Guerro
Simon Bolivar
Alexander II of Russia
Michael I of Romania
Halie Selassie
Lech Walesa
Vaclav Havel


Havel was a very good leader indeed. Forgot about him. I also like Angela Merkel in Germany and Shinzo Abe in Japan.



I just went with presidents. Its a lot to just know about the 43 different presidents and their impact on America, to be able to have enough information to accurately judge other world leaders from the prospective of helping their respective countries is just a bit too much.


Nestor Makhno :cowboy:


Something tells me you really don’t know a lot about these people.


Not sure if the world is ready for Canada to be a superpower.


I know a good amount about them. Obviously, I don’t know everything they’ve ever done during their tenures and don’t agree with everything they all did, however I do try my best to stay informed about international politics and wouldn’t open my mouth if I didn’t think I could hold my own when discussing certain topics.

Of course, a lot of these leaders are Neocons and Internationalists and I tend to value that over economics and social issues in certain instances. So odd choices like Truman, Blair and Hawke stick out like sore thumbs.

Just because we might not agree on ideologies and such doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about.


I’ll just say that unless you really know a lot about international history, it seems like you just googled a lot of these people and their foreign policies. That is all. I may be wrong.


Sorry it took me awhile to respond, I was at the gym.

I’m a Poli Sci major whose track is international studies/relations/Foreign policy. I’ve always loved learning about different cultures and political cultures. I’m not an expert or anything on international politics but I do love studying, learning and reading about it.

You are right that I mainly know about the foreign policies of these leaders and nations but thats where my interest lies. Also, whether it is correct or not, I like to judge the tenures of world leaders based off their foreign policy failures/successes. What you do on the domestic front doesn’t usually create a reputation for your nation internationally but what you do foreign policy wise almost always does.

That being said that doesn’t mean I “just googled” these leaders. For example, I rank Thatcher higher then Churchill on my UK list because I like her fiscal/economic polices better. Many historians consider Post-WW2 Churchill’s tenure to be very lukewarm. I love Churchill, he’s probably one of the greatest leaders in the world but I do not agree with much of his Postwar work. He helped launch universal healthcare in the UK while Maggie fought against socialist policies.

Also, in Israel foreign policy and national security dominates the political culture.

Another thing, It’s hard for me sometimes to follow economic/fiscal policy here in the United States, it’s even harder to understand it overseas. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a foreign policy buff :slight_smile: