FBI/comey - announced reopening of investigation


Comey just announced the OFFICIAL REOPENING of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails/server.

Details to follow


I see this as just a PR move, since the FBI is taking so much heat for strange behavior;
FBI connections with Terry McAuliffe (close friend of Hillary), FBI destroying evidence, FBI agent meeting with John Podesta, Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton etc., etc., .


11 days before the election and Comey has reopened the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails/server - and I would imagine her corruption that has become obvious regarding the Clinton Global Initiative by way of WikiLeaks.

We shall see.

Now, I just hope that Trump does not step all over this story by saying something stupid and drawing focus to himself - as he has done so many times before.


I told you guys from the beginning to have faith in the FBI. For Comey to do this 11 days before the vote screams of the seriousness of the case now. My guess is, additional information has been put forward.

Look, these types of cases are always political, but you have to at least respect that they haven’t swept this under the rug. Comey by all accounts is a man of character and honesty. As much as the Republicans have done a good job of putting him on the spot, he did sit in front of the government and take every question in a transparent and professional manner. Those same Democrats who were singing his praises as a man of character when he refused to lay charges better be willing to do so now when their candidate is under the microscope again.

Now the Clinton camp will start crying foul about the timing of this, with good reason I would suggest UNLESS there is new and vital information that comes to light.



Frankly this scares me. We already know the FBI is CORRUPT and has sold out America. Then the fone call from BILL: Comedy , this is BILL, I need a little help on this e mail and home brew server thing and these NEW e mails from WikiLeaks. Oh and I almost forgot, there is $10 M LARGE sitting in an account in Switzerland, I will give you the secret code number when you step down if ole Trumpy wins…we sure don’t want him reopening the files and putting Hillary in prison, let alone me. Take good care, see ya around! Just announce that you are reopening the case and you make DAMN sure she cannot be RETRIED if you know what I mean.

Comedy can do a LOT of things that can make sure she never gets charged for her crimes…

Lets leave this alone and if Tump gets in and APPOINTS Rudy G as his AG and the head of the FBI Judge Jeanine, you can bet heads will roll and a LOT of people will be fitting for a new orange jump suit.


You and I think alike. Comey didn’t all of a sudden get religion.

This re-opened investigation could be and should be a real investigation.

This re-opened investigation could be a sham designed to make it appear serious and thorough, in which case this BS will go on for a couple of days and Clinton will be pronounced clean as the driven snow.

We have a corrupt government and a gullible electorate. Not a good combination.


As an aside, I have searched all news sites and this is top news, it isn’t even news as of now on MSNBC.com.

Are they not the most dishonest, far left (into socialist territory) of any of the news sites?


Sorry, I can’t accept this premise. No way Comey does this unless he feels there is something there. He cant make this announcement and then within two weeks clear her. This will go on throughout the remaining days, and it will force all GOP to rally around Trump, and they can now do so freely regardless of their previous stances, they can simply say “I don’t like some of the things Donald says, hell, I don’t even like the man! However, we need to rally around this election due to the other candidate”.

Surely Comey is no fool, he knows how serious this is and he is risking his own future by taking this stance.


MSNBC has now picked up the story and the commentators around the table look like they were just served a turd for lunch!!


You MUST be living on another planet, he has already cleared her by lying about it, he has DISGRACED the FBI and you think he woke up this morning and decided to get right with Jesus!


No, I think he received more information. He stated in the hearings his disappointment and carelessness that he witnessed. He simply stated that no prosecutor would be able to secure a conviction and he didn’t think it warranted charges be laid. Now he has additional information. Be it in the form of a whistleblower (most likely), or, someone anonymously sending him details and emails he didn’t have before. For all we know, they could have access to some of the 33,000 deleted emails.


We shall see. There is less than two weeks before Election Day. A lot of people have already voted. Hillary still has the inside track on the election. Even if she wins, she will enter office as most crippled president in history, except for maybe Rutherford B. Hays in 1877. At least Hays was an honest man despite that fact that the Republican National Committee managed to steal the election. Hillary is a crook, and the Democrats are also doing all they can to steal the election.


This could be much worse. This could be her having her security clearance revoked, even after she is elected!

How can you be president of the U.S when you can’t get access to classified details, let alone Top Secret?


I think the most we know at this time is that we don’t really know what the hell is really going on here - we simply don’t know.

It is being reported on several news outlets that the new emails pertinent to the case were discovered during an investigation of the sexting scandal of Anthony Weiner - who, as I’m sure most people here know, is the husband of top Clinton aid and confidant, Huma Abedin. Reportedly, these new emails were discovered on a device or devices belonging to Abedin and Weiner.

I guess we’ll see where this goes, but I’m not getting my hopes up - not after Comey and Attorney General, Lorreta Lynch, scuttled justice 2 months ago by failing to indict Clinton.

One point that we can’t yet know is whether or not any of this will make a difference with those Independents/undecided that have been leaning to Clinton.


They won’t know what to say until they get the talking points from the Clinton campaign (which are being focus grouped as we speak). They should be ready in time for Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow to spew.


> I guess we’ll see where this goes, but I’m not getting my hopes up - not after Comey and Attorney General, Lorreta Lynch, scuttled justice 2 months ago by failing to indict Clinton.

I agree. Lorreta Lynch and Obama will do all they can to cover for Hillary. Obama and the Mrs. have been out campaigning for Hillary, so they are “all in.” Who knows? Maybe Obama will end up like Nixon, guilty of a cover-up and obstruction of justice.


They don’t need to steal it, with our candidate we’ve handed it to them in a smelly, brown paper bag.

If we had run basically any other candidate, we would be winning right now. There’d be nothing to distract from Clinton’s oncoming issues, and she would far more bear the weight of them.

Why do I say that? Because Anthony Wiener. This “new” investigation is about something he did, on one of her campaign devices.

Wiener was something the Liberal machine couldn’t save. It would sink Hillary, if not for Trump’s own indiscretions.


This is the one truth that has held up, and it was well known even before the election. Even before Trump was the nominee of the GOP, emails from the Democrats acknowledged this: their fear was they had to pray Trump would win the nomination as they didn’t believe it was winnable against anyone else. Without Super Delegates and a clear bias against him, within and external to the Dems; Sanders wins the nomination (In my opinion, this would have been even worse, by some measure too).

You could turn it around the other way though Alaska. Almost any other Democrat nominee would have trumped the Trump. Sanders, Kerry, Biden and any number would have beaten Trump. As it were, my guess is if half of this forum were running (to those who are American citizens and qualify and not Canadian like myself) against Hillary they would have better numbers than Trump and certainly much lower negatives.

It’s an election for the “least worst candidate”. It does sadden me, but I have faith in the American people to rise above either candidate and remain the America we all know and love.


For Comey to do this 11 days before the vote screams of the seriousness of the case now.
In my mind (& I could be wrong) all it means is that they can’t control/suppress the emails because they are out there now. The more that’s out there, the more that people know that there was a cover-up. I feel sorry for Comney or whatever his name is. He covered like he was told to & now he is caught because he sees that he can’t cover it up, it’s to big & it keeps growing. Even if he sticks by his guns congress will just step in & take over. He is screwed & the best thing that he can hope for is no jail time. Want a prediction from me? I’m betting 1 or 2 key people that are mixed up in this will end up being found dead.


Yeah, I’ve been holding my breath too.