FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks


So Nancy Pelosi was right?
Oh Wait!


That photo of an antifa beating a man is just crazy. The sheild they are being him with has the words “No Hate” written on it … how can they be so blind to the hate they’re spreading? Maybe all the masks and glasses are to blame?


So, for 16 months:

Obama’s FBI did little or nothing;

Trump’s FBI did little or nothing;

City Dads/Moms, Police Chiefs, and senior police officers in liberal-run cities did little or nothing to prevent or minimize Antifoid violence.


When did the white supremacists become “right-wing”? Race has always been the focus of the Democrats and leftists.

And what is a “nationalist” anyway? The name sounds suspiciously like an “America first” Trump supporter. But have any true Trump supporters been violent, or even marched in a protest? The Veritas Project exposed violent Democrats posing as Trump supporters, but I doubt if even one true Trump supporter is involved.

These are all leftist/progressive/socialist/fascist groups fighting each other. And far from opposing hate, they and the media are fanning the flames of hate.


White supremacists, etc. got labelled “right-wing” by left-wing Ds and their MSM shills. I’ve seen what happens to a real white supremacist who tried to infiltrate a conservative-libertarian-R oriented website (Pappadave might have seen this incident as well, BTW). The white supremacist became a chew toy and was soon banned by the owner.