FBI Manhunt Underway for Heavily Armed Liberal “Revolution” Extremist Targeting ...


FBI Manhunt Underway for Heavily Armed Liberal “Revolution” Extremist Targeting President Trump…

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The FBI and U.S. Marshals have dozens of agents and officers involved in a nation-wide manhunt for a Wisconsin man who mailed a 160 page threatening manifesto to the White House. In addition a seriously disturbing video (below) has surfaced showing the man proclaiming he is part of the left-wing “revolution” movement.

Joseph Jakubowski has been on the run since Tuesday, when police say he broke into the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, south of Madison, and stole 16 high-caliber rifles and handguns. He is believed to be armed and dangerous, and traveling with a bulletproof vest and helmet, according to authorities.


Full news conference on manhunt for Joseph Jakubowski


I couldn’t help but notice that the video from your link showing Jakubowski mailing the manifesto must have been made by another person. A strong indication that he is not acting alone.


Cops in Wisconsin manhunt plan to keep close eye on churches, places of worship
Apr 8, 2017, 10:42 PM ET

> Wisconsin authorities, concerned about anti-religious views in a manifesto written by a fugitive they describe as “armed and dangerous,” plan to increase patrols around churches and places of worship Sunday.
> According to the Janesville Police Department, there was no specific threat to any particular church or religious group in the manifesto written by Joseph Jakubowski, but as a precaution, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office and Janesville Police Department will be keeping a close watch.
> Jakubowski, 32, has been the subject of an urgent search by Wisconsin authorities and the FBI since Tuesday, when they say he robbed a gun store, stealing at least 16 weapons. Officials say he may be plotting an act of mass violence with his eye on President Trump.
> “Basically, he’s angry at all government officials,” Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said. "You know, whether it’s the president or local officials or whether it’s law enforcement. He basically has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power.

While this character’s views align better with some corners of the Lib-Prog spectrum, he’s not exactly a Lib-Prog activist. While he didn’t threaten to go after Obama, he probably disliked or hated him too.


He is just a NUT job…


So was Hinkley! (I think that’s his name - the guy that tried to take out Reagan to impress Jodie Foster)


No shortage of them to be sure and it looks like they caught the guy in post #2