FBI now has deleted Clinton emails. FBI has just informed Obama.


No, the emails haven’t been deleted.

Headline is a little confusing.
He means the FBI now has the 32,000 emails Hillary tried to erase

Don’t know where this is going?

What the chatter seems to be is: The Clinton Foundation engaged in child trafficking.
Spirit dinners, orgy island, child trafficking (probably for sex), support for late term abortions, Benghazi and arms dealing with ISIS, an unsecured email server being used to transmit classified information.

I’m burnt out.
Can’t wait for this cr@p to be over!

There will be more later today, the fifth of November.


Kim is friends with Assange, and probably has friends in high up places.

Not some guy sitting in mom’s basement!
The guys home.

[Kim]Kim Dotcom’s famous Coatesville mansion sold in private deal | Stuff.co.nz](http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/home-property/81935884/Kim-Dotcoms-famous-Coatesville-mansion-sold-in-private-deal) Dotcom’s famous Coatesville mansion sold in private deal | Stuff.co.nz


I am sure that if those charges are true about the Clinton Foundation are true, Hillary will say she’s sorry and will do nothing more. If the child trafficking charges are true, that will blow up Hillary’s claims that she is a great child advocate, but it will be too late.


Hillary do that stuff, no way! (wink).


ConservativeLibertarian who used to post here pointed out that Hillary was never for the children.


Pretty skeptical the Foundation would be stupid enough to go into child trafficing. Not saying I think it’s above her morality, but that is like the one thing she could do that would result in practically everyone turning on them, instead of covering for them.

The only thing I’ve seen to back this up is one single email that says something about “entertainment” at a pool and the numbers 7,9, and 11. Nothing about age. My first thought when reading it was 7-11 am/pm. Not “children of this age”. I’ve seen nothing else to back up these claims.