FBI Now Has Warrant For Abedin Emails, Reid Accuses Comey Of Hatch Violation


The FBI obtained a warrant to search emails related to the Hillary Clinton private server probe that were discovered on ex-congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop, law enforcement officials confirmed Sunday.
The warrant came two days after FBI director James Comey revealed the existence of the emails, which law-enforcement sources said were linked to Weiner’s estranged wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.
The FBI already had a warrant to search Weiner’s laptop, but that only applied to evidence of his allegedly illicit communications with an underage girl.

FBI Now Has Warrant For Abedin Emails, Reid Accuses Comey Of Hatch Violation | Weasel Zippers

I am surprised the warranty was obtained so quickly since the DOJ is complicit in covering up Hillary’s corruption. As for Reid he is being his usual self a lair and a dishonest politician who has said the end justifies the means with phony allegations.


I am thrilled. I had a nagging fear that the warrant would be blocked, investigation over. Hillary and her minions would break out in a happy dance and proclaim her to be cleared despite the “vast right wing conspiracy”. 650,000 documents! This girl is a busy beaver. No way now that the FBI can comment pro or con on the contents prior to election day, just too much stuff to review.

Not to change the subject but they must have one more stink bomb to lob at Donald, real or more likely fabricated. I wonder when it lands? Probably after the next Wikileaks dump.


This will be a full fledged investigation, it’s almost certain.

I have been reading every mainstream news source I can find. Of course I bring my own biases, but I try and put them on the shelf. The Washington Post always seemed to be in Hillarys corner, today there were a number of articles talking about the FBI investigation and explaining the FBI investigators out of NY pushed to investigate the Clinton Foundation. What is most startling, a total 180 from what I was seeing even two weeks ago; much greater criticism of the Democrats in the comments section by the readers. Reading their website the last month I never would have expected these types of articles and reactions.

Following the polls everyday, trying to understand each candidate as best I can in terms of their policies and positions, over the last few days Trump had miraculously been gaining ground even after his recent controversies. Then the Obamacare data came out, and this latest investigation and it is now closer than anyone could have imagine a month ago.

The reports are that as many as 25% of votes are already in due to early voting, so I would say he still has a steep uphill climb, it might be too little too late.


Some Prog circles went full-unhinged when this was announced on Friday. Among other lunacies they wanted the FBI to be denied this search warrant. They couldn’t even understand how the FBI knew there are some emails pertinent to The CHILL’s case - IOW, they didn’t know or connect the dots that many of these emails had already been seen, under the search warrant for Anthony Weiner’s case, and that this search warrant was needed for what was seen (and might yet be seen) to be admissible in The CHILL’s case.

The Progs of this full-unhinged variety don’t give a @#$% about justice, they just want The CHILL to be elected President. They should find the FBI being this careful about crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s worrisome.


It’s an interesting development for sure. On the one hand Abedin says that she doesn’t know how the emails got there. I kind of doubt that but if true, how did they get there? Obviously if she is telling the truth then something illegal was going on. Again, I doubt that she was telling the truth. I do wonder if she was lying why she had them & why she didn’t delete them. Kind of strange twist in all of this. Heck maybe a hacker that stole those emails in the first place was able to put them on that computer just so this would happen. Interesting.
Then there’s the political standpoint to think about. Was Comey telling the truth & he really didn’t believe that there was intent before? Was he bought off & didn’t stay bought? Did he just figure that Hillary was so bad that she needed to be taken down before being elected? Who knows? This new investigation just might make a difference in the election so it is very interesting.


Late last week, a friend of Rush’s said that nothing will come of this FBI thingy…and I think he is right. This is all smoke and mirrors folks to get our focus off WikiLeaks which is MUCH MORE damning than this FAKE re-opening of the investigation. COMEY hasn’t changed. He is still a Clinton man. But you got to hand it to these people. THEY ARE Devious.

I’m telling you. Comey is going to disappoint you now JUST LIKE I TOLD You he would last time. He is not going to do anything to this black hearted evil dangerous woman. HE is NOT going to do ANYTHING.



I suspect you are right. It would be par for the course. Only some of us would like to be a little more optimistic. Kind of hard to be in the light of Hillary’s record.


Interesting. You’ve got a good point.


That’s a possibility, but I wouldn’t bet a lot on it.

Here’s why I say that.

Clinton and the Dems are demonizing Comey too much.

Now a little bit of “outrage” would be understandable just to make it seem credible that they are not in cahoots with Comey.

But they have screamed so loudly (Reid and Clinton herself doing some major screaming), that if Comey came out with something favorable to Clinton, she and the rest would have to walk it back so far that they’d lose too much credibility, even with the die-hard supporters.

I just don’t see it, but stranger things have happened in THIS election. I could certainly be wrong, and we’re all speculating anyway.

As my friend Jack H. (Godbless’m) used to say, my crystal ball is in the shop, so I can’t get into Comey’s or Clinton’s head.


Let’s not forget that the Democrats announced they’d re-indicted a close ally of G.H.W. Bush 2 DAYS before the 1992 election…an indictment that was later dropped after Clinton won the election.


The claims of being illegal under the Hatch Act is so much smoke screen. Everybody remembers Reid braying how he lied about Romney’ taxes before the election.


Clinton demonizing Comey? He can take the heat…and really, there’s not been anything so bad he cant handle it. Look at Obama’s reponse to it. LoL We’re being played. Isn’t it obvious by now. It’s the same thing over and over.


If you saw yesterdays comment by Obama on Comedy you would have to ask the question: Is Obama getting ready to throw Hilda UNDER the buss? Because Obama PRAISED him, did not condemn at all!!! Unless I miss my bet Obama is getting ready to pull the plug on her, she is taking down the Dim Party.

Reid is a old senile man, who wears his Depends way to tight and he is what is wrong with poltics in America. When Elected I will put him on the streets, I will pull his pension and healthcare and issue him a VA Healthcard…


What in the world does Comey’s thick skin (and I agree with you there . . . a thick skin is necessary to survive in not only political forums like this one, but in the rough and tumble of the Beltway) have to do with whether or not Comey is in cahoots with Clinton?


Comey was hand picked by John Ashcroft. That’s an interesting situation, as on the one hand, he’s probably quite conservative. But on the other hand, he likely has ties to the Bush family, who have thrown their full weight behind Clinton.


Papers from the FBI’s ‘public corruption’ probe into Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich | Daily Mail Online

SCANDAL: Fugitive financier Marc Rich was indicted for racketeering, fraud, tax evasion and illegal oil trading with Iran, but Bill Clinton pardoned him on his last day in the White House
The FBI on Monday released 129 pages of documents related to former president Bill Clinton’s lame-duck pardon of a fugitive financier whose family contributed $450,000 to help build his presidential library and millions more to other Democratic Party causes.

Rich’s wife Denise also contributed $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign as the first family prepared to clear out of the White House.

The disclosures will prove embarrassing to the former first family as Hillary Clinton tries to avoid a career-ending defeat next Tuesday at the hands of Donald Trump.

The FBI investigated the case of Marc Rich, who died in 2013, more than a decade ago, assigning it to the ominous sounding ‘Public Corruption Unit.’

The documents released Monday leave much to the imagination, mostly redacted by government lawyers for privacy reasons and to preserve the secrecy of a federal Grand Jury.

But merely bringing the episode back up so close to Election Day has put an old Clinton black eye back on the front burner.

CLOSING DAYS President Clinton had fewer than 50 days left in office when Mrs. Rich presented him with this saxophone as a gift during a charity gala in New York City

Rich, a legendary oil commodities and hedge-fund trader in his day, was charged with multiple counts of tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and cutting petroleum deals with Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis.

Rich was in Switzerland when he was indicted, and never returned to the United States. He hired Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel to Clinton, as his lawyer.

His wife later renounced her U.S. citizenship and moved to Austria where she already had dual citizenship – saving herself tens of millions of dollars in taxes.

Rich passed away in 2013 and was laid to rest in Tel Aviv.

Pardoning Rich on his last day in office turned out to be one of Bill Clinton’s most controversial acts of president.

The FBI concluded that Clinton did not follow established procedures when he finalized the pardon, and only informed one person at the Department of Justice that Rich had sought the pardon: future Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder.

FBI director James Comey, then a federal prosecutor, ran the investigation into the Rich pardon. He criticized Holder’s involvement in the controversy, calling the pardon ‘a huge misjudgment.’

But he never recommended criminal charges against anyone embroiled in the scandal.

HILLBLAZER: Mrs. Rich gave Hillary Clinton $100,000 in 2000 for her U.S. Senate campaign as her time as America’s first lady as coming to a close

SALAD DAYS: Marc and Denise Rich were already among the world’s financial elites in the mid-1980s, partially because Mr. Rich was trading oil in Iran in violation of a U.S. embargo