FBI’s Andrew McCabe is fired just before retiring


Talking about the cesspool of corruption at the DOJ, not ‘life in America’, although I am quite sure there is plenty in other departments. You read what you want to read.


Ok, so how do you see life in America?




I don’t see an answer, ANYWHERE in your soap box editorial, to my question:

Do you view McCabe as credible?

Simple question . . . simple answer. You needn’t spend much time beyond a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.


If I’m being fair, I’d say that I’m not aware of a history of McCabe doing the kinds of things that would call into question his credibility. If I saw something that showed a history (like say, just as an example, Trump’s history of alleged affairs with porn stars, playboy models, and other women) then I might call into question his integrity.

I need more facts and evidence to make a decision. Perhaps when the IG’s report is released we’ll know more.

Would you call into question the President’s credibility? A person who championed McCabes his removal.


You need to get out more, then. McCabe has a VERIFIED “history” of lying…not only to Congress but to his own cohorts in the FBI…which everyone KNOWS is a firing offense in the FBI. The FBI pretties it up a bit by calling it “lacking candor,” but it’s lying…plain and simple.


What is your evidence?

Also, in typical full-court hypocrisy, you call out McCabe’s alleged lies, but give the President a pass?


No “hypocrisy” about it. McCabe lied UNDER OATH. The President hasn’t.


You, and anyone else that excepts this answer are unreal. It’s ok if the President lies as long as it isn’t under oath?



If yu have any EXAMPLES of lies that President Trump has told that have any MATERIAL effect on life in the U.S., I’d love to hear them. What’s “amazing” is that you see no difference between committing perjury under oath and telling exaggerations during a political campaign.


We’ve gone from “lies”, to lies that have “material effect”.

Trump is the President. Every time he lies he destroys his credibility, the credibility of his administration and the credibility of this nation…Every lie he tells is material and cumulative.


BS. I’m talking about lies such as, “If you like your health care, you can KEEP your health care,” in an effort to buy political support for his disasterous Obamacare bill. Or, “We know that Benghazi was caused by a video,” in an effort to cover up malfeasance and incompetence right before an election. When President Trump said, “Obama wire-tapped me,” it was ridiculed as a “lie.” In fact, the Obama administration DID exactly that. MSNBC took a photo of a Trump rally before it even started and claimed that the auditorium was “half-empty” and then had to “walk back” that claim when the President objected–STILL calling him a liar. If you want to know what criminality and corruption the Democrats are up to, just observe what they are accusing President Trump of doing.


And what did that do to the President’s credibility?

How about this one?

“I have had dealings over the years where I sold a house to a very wealthy Russian many years ago. I had the Miss Universe pageant — which I owned for quite a while — I had it in Moscow a long time ago. But other than that, I have nothing to do with Russia,”

Except now we know he was trying to have a tower built, in Moscow, during his campaign which eventually went sour.

It’s all going to come out. The money laundering, the coordination with Russian hackers who stole emails from the DNC and coordinated with Trump allies…

Trump is terrified now that Muller is after his business records which will uncover it all.

I know, I know everyone is just out to get poor Trump. He’ll try to and perhaps succeed in firing Muller soon enough (more evidence of his guilt). He may even start a war to try to sew chaos and hope people forget. They won’t.

What Andrew McCabe did, even if it’s true, is a fart in the wind compared to what will be exposed about Trump all in good time.



Only in your wet dreams, CSB. Salon is about as reliable as CNN or AP and I wouldn’t trust them to predict the sunrise.


Don’t forget his long form birth cerificate.


This is a headline now in Trump’s America: “Porn Star says president asked her to spank him with a magazine with his picture on the cover.”


That’s rich.


There are lots of sources on this story, that was just one. The problem is, if you don’t like it, you call unreliable. I call it convenient.


Salon is well know as a far-leftist rag. It used to be one of the favorite sources of an outspoken local lefty who wrote frequent letters-to-the-editor.


That may be true (I don’t read Salon myself), but that doesn’t make the story false and as I said there is lots of sourcing on the topic, that was just one.