FBI’s Andrew McCabe is fired just before retiring


Curiously, however, you CHOSE to cite Salon and none of the others.


Trying to remember, but wasn’t it Andrew McCabe’s wife who received financial support for her political campaign from Clinton-linked donors during the investigation of Hillary’s illegal e-mail server? (Or was that some other FBI agent?) And IIRC, Hillary showed up to one of her campaign events, too? What was McCabe’s position within the FBI at the time, assistant director, maybe? Pretty high up there, anyway. Huh, i wonder if there’s anything in the FBI’s professional standards about avoiding “the appearance of impropriety”? Because that has the appearance of a quid pro quo.


Huh? Have you been living under a rock?

Nice try to avoid the issue. The question was about McCabe, NOT Trump;

Huh? Again.

A lame try at diversion again.


Lying under oath is a “fart in the wind”?


Wow. You really belive that crap?


I assume you meant “accepts”.

I don’t think there’s anyone here that thinks one person lying makes it OK for another person to lie (except you, perhaps).

It’s much like a child who says to his parents, “Well, Johnnie does it. Why can’t I?”


The reaon I pointed it out, was not to justify or make McCabes alleged lies ok, just to point out the blant hypocracy.


Do I think that the President will try to fire Muller? Have you been under a rock? We know he already tried and the only reason it didn’t happen was that Whitehouse lawyer threatened to resign if he did. We know he admitted to firing Comey “because of the Russia thing”.

As far as Trump using war to deflect from his legal troubles. Yes, Absolutely. Ironically, Trump’s hard line on NoKo may have worked, so I give him credit so far for what he’s accomplished, but it’s not over yet so we’ll have to see how the next 6 months go. I’m pulling for him.


Nope, only when measured relitive to what we’ve seen in this administation.


I’ve asked this question before, but never received an answer from any liberal. One more try. Can you name for us three “lies” that President Trump has told that have had a material effect on how you live your life??? Can you name just ONE such? I can name three lies told by Obama that HAVE materially affected how we all live.


Please, tell me how Obama affected your life.


Heh, that’s easy: the individual mandate that requires me to buy a financial service I cannot afford, and a tax/fine/penalty I can’t afford for not being able to afford the financial product I’m required to buy. I have been rendered a criminal by the simple fact of my income level.


You first.


The good news is that at least that individual mandate part has gotten the axe. Now if we could just get rid of the rest of Obamadon’tcare…


If you can’t afford to buy healthcare you can’t afford to get sick. So let’s say (hypothetically) you have a heart attack. You are taken to the hospital and given 10’s of thousands of dollars in treatment you admit you cannot afford.

But you expect other people to pay for it in the form of increased costs and higher taxes? Where is the personal responsibility in that?

If you can afford to pay for a heart attack, you can afford to pay premiums for health insurance. Perhaps if everyone had signed up and paid, the cost would have been born out by a greater number of people thereby lowering costs for everyone.

Of course, the healthcare industry had their lobby influencing Dems and Pub’s so the legislation was never going to succeed from the beginning as it only addressed who got coverage, not the cost of coverage. Pub’s like Romney used a similar system in MA that was quite successful, but when Dems adopted the idea, Pub’s did everything they could to sabotage it.


True: in point of fact, I can’t afford to get sick. Or be injured. That’s called economic reality.

I do? No, I think that (EMTALA) was a terrible idea and it has resulted in the current terrible system. I AM THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN PAYING THOSE INCREASED COSTS AND HIGHER TAXES. But if you are claiming that after having paid, against my will at the point of a gun, into the system with my ridiculously high taxes while making no use of the system myself that I am supposed to be denied access to it in the event that I do need it, then you are a huge hypocrite. You expect me to pay for services for others which I am denied .

Yeah, crony capitalism that put more money in the pockets of the insurance companies and sent healthcare costs skyrocketing, increasing the hell outta demand and doing nothing to address supply. Freakin’ brilliant, wunnit?

Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest and highest GDP per capita states (well above the national average), it is (apparently, from a quick internet search) one of the healthier states, and those healthcare costs are still rising faster than the revenue streams that were projected to pay for them. So it’s only slowly sinking the state. What else is being neglected to cover it, I wonder? Maybe it will work out okay in the long term, but I doubt it.

Simply put, individual healthcare is not a public good. That is the fundamental problem with any public healthcare system.

All of which is completely beside the point of how Obama negatively impacted my life.


So you would let a baby die because it’s parent’s can afford insurance? And spare me the “people would fund it through donations” or “they shouldn’t have kids if they can’t afford it”. 90% of people cannot afford a child with a heart defect.

But the idea that you’d be in favor of letting people die because they can’t afford treatment is immoral IMO.

So, you are of the belief that because we treat people who have serious injuries regardless of their ability to pay, that’s the reason your health care costs are high? If we’d just let poor sick people die, that would solve our healthcare problem!

Poor dead people can’t vote either! Two birds with one stone!!


In West Virginia, they didn’t always require car insurance. I lived there for a short while and when I moved to VA my insurance rates dropped by 50%. When I asked the agent why she said that it was because there are so many drivers in WV still driving around without insurance. So more of the cost is born out by fewer people.

It’s the same with medical costs. When people wait until they get older or have medical issues to pay for insurance, naturally, there will be more money taken from insurance than added to it. It’s very similar to car insurance. I’ve been driving for almost 30 years, with the exception of a $600 “accident” where I rolled into the car in front of me (a story for another day), I’ve never taken money from my car insurance. I’d guess I’d have paid in over $50k in the last 32 years (probably more) and taken out $600. That’s how insurance works. Some people pay more than they need some take out less. It wouldn’t work if people were allowed to drive around until they got into an accident and went and bought insurance.

Do you think you should be forced to pay car insurance (liability)?

Really? I keep hearing all this “at the point of a gun” crap, but I’ve never known anyone that was forced "at the point of a gun. Total BS. Last time I checked, there is no such thing as debtors prison.

As a matter of fact, I used to work for a hospital that wrote off $100 million in unpaid debts each year, and no one ever showed up at anyone’s door with a gun. Pure right wing fantasy BS.

I suppose taking anything from you for taxes is considered “ridiculously” high?

You lost me. What services are you denied?

Here we agree 100%. However, the fix is to remove the influence that big pharma and healthcare industries have over politicians via donations on campaigns. Something I suspect you support, right?

Sure, because healthcare in any state doesn’t operate in a vacuum. The state of healthcare in the nation is taking its toll everywhere.

I can’t think of anything better. Productivity is tied to workers and workers are more productive when they live longer healthier lives…


Speaking for myself, no, I don’t expect anyone to involuntarily pay for my healthcare. Which is why I’ve never been to a doctor about my heart condition.

No, I won’t spare you the people-will-fund-it-with-donations argument; even now it’s happening to some degree with Go Fund Me pages, and such charity used to be a LOT more common before the left started usurping it with government “welfare” programs. If we can’t afford heathcare, we sure can’t afford healthcare PLUS the costs of an inefficient, no-skin-in-the-game, incompetent, misusing, and abusing government bureaucracy to administer it badly.

Sure they do; invariably Democrat.

No. All insurance is compulsory gambling at house odds.

No, there are just fines, cutthroat IRS agents, liens on houses, etc.

I’ve got a better idea: How about we remove politicians who take bribes from anyone- including tort lawyers- and get some STATESMEN in instead who aren’t trying to make people dependent on the govnernment.

Until they get older and are living longer in an unproductive stage of life. But then, the left has the (final) solution to that, too: Euthanasia of the elderly (if I’m not mistaken, they’re already nipping at the heels of that one in Europe).


Appeal to emotion. Fail.

False assumption on your part, but we all “let people die” all of the time for all kinds of reasons. Best I can tell, life is tough, not everybody makes it, it has a 100% mortality rate, no guarantees,exchanges or refunds.

In part, yes. Not that it is done so much as how it’s done; via sweeping government mandate that has (among other things) turned ERs into primary care clinics, and subsidized destructive (usually self-, but not always) behaviors. (This is a lengthy discussion all on it’s own: time for a healthcare reform thread?)

Heh, that’s one solution, for sure. Some might even call it ‘final’…

What? No! Poor dead people vote Democrat! It’s their most reliable voting bloc, why would I want to add to those? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s why insurance companies used to use these things called actuarial tables (or models) to assess risk and decide on an individual basis how much to charge for their services. Obamacare has sharply limited (if not completely eliminated, I’m not sure) the use of risk assessment in determining how much to charge for coverage. IIRC, some companies once offered lower rates that were ‘guaranteed’ (i’m sure indexed for inflation) for as long as one maintained coverage if you bought in at a younger age. (Digression,my apologies)

Heh, I took you for a 20-something :smiley:

So you have a good diving record? You are a low risk driver? Does that earn you a better insurance rate? By your own logic, it should not. You should be forced to pay just as much as the guy with multiple tickets and accidents who has cost his insurance company 5 million dollars.

But that is exactly what the Obamacare mandates did for pre-existing conditions.

No. Not really.

So taxes are voluntary? Wesley Snipes would disagree. Everyone you know is forced at the point of a gun to pay taxes.

Yeah, I consider 45% of my pitifully small income for FEDERAL TAXES ALONE to be ridiculously high. One year the IRS amended my return and charged me 85% OF MY GROSS INCOME (which amounted to 400%+ of my net) I probably will never recover.

Pretty much anything funded by tax dollars. Middle aged white males NEED NOT APPLY. Our part in the system is only to pay.

It isn’t possible in a free system, so while the principle sounds lovely, the only way to implement it is to dispense with the bill of rights and live under complete tyranny. This is why we have a free press, but they have largely gone for sensationalism over substance, and editorialize much more than they report. The real solution is an informed electorate, but good luck with that. There’s a part of me that says we should institute a civics test for voter registration, but that isn’t the answer either… Short answer is “vote the bastards out”. Again, good luck with that.

I can. The freedom to make our own choices and suffer the consequences when they go badly for us.


Office of Inspector General Issues Criminal Referral on Andrew McCabe

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog has sent a criminal referral for fired FBI official Andrew McCabe to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington

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