FBI says rope had been in Talladega garage since last fall; Bubba Wallace not victim of hate crime

This is the kind of garbage that hurts the blacks more than just about anything else!

(Jussie Smollett, Michael Bennet, Crystal Mangum, Tawana Brawley )

At least Bubba gave multitudes of people an opportunity, once again, for the thousandth time, to rise up in anger and loudly condemn racism, thereby proclaiming what great people they really are.

Conservative Treehouse originally exposed this!

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Bubba Wallace is NASCAR’s only black driver.

“This will not break me, I will not give in nor will I back down,” he tweeted after Sunday’s incident at Talladega.

This J@ck@$$ never even saw the so-called ‘noose’!

Wallace and anybody else with a brain would do well to distance themselves from Black Lives Matter. It is a Marxist hate group, and their leadership has admitted that they are “trained Marxists.” Wallace needs to give his car a new coat of paint.

When you work on the premise that all white people are guilty of racism and that all of them are irredeemably bad, you are a racist regardless of your color.


Lol, it’s a corporate funded Super Pac. When every major US corporation is plastering themselves in it and marketing products for it, you have about the opposite of marxism.

This is corporate America’s bid to drum up social issues to continue to stave off economic populism.

Whatever Marxist elements may have seeded BLM in the early days are long, long since overwhelmed. BLM has been co-opted by oligarchs.

Dear Lord! If Mr Wallace hasn’t been funded by evil Rightwingers to do something to make himself and BLM look totally ridiculous — he should have been!

As for oligarch control of BLM – I don’t think they have a Unified Command Structure (anymore than we do, more’s the pity).

In fact, I think antiFa and BLM are ultra-democratic – in the sense that they are now being carried along by the mob, which they no longer control.

Whatever the reality, surely it is plain as day that we are moving into a new political reality, in which all the assumptions of the last 70 years are becoming wrong.

I don’t think so, Doug. SOME of us have always assumed that the communists were NOT dead and buried with the fall of the USSR and still present an existential threat to America and Americans. Looks like we were right in those assumptions.


Bubba Smollet doubled down last night with his buddy…Race Baiter extraordinaire Al Sharpton.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the mob.

This is the most chilling and revealing quote I have seen on these boards. According the author, everything that has taken place since the Great Depression and the end of World War II was all wrong. It must cast aside, violently if necessary, to bring about his new order.

If you take this literally, all of this was bad:

  • An unprecedented growth in prosperity
  • An unprecedented in technological innovation
  • Great, although still imperfect, strides in tolerance and in civil rights
  • Unprecedented strives in medicine and prevention
  • The rebuilding of Western Europe after World War II
  • The defeat of the Soviet Empire

Nobody has said that the last 70 years have been perfect, they were a whole lot better than the 2,000 years that preceded them. A brief study of history would show this to be true, but the people who are fermenting this revolution don’t have much interest in history.

What is happening to America probably has multiple causes – some of them being people who are consciously out to bring the country down, believing that what will replace it will be their Utopia.

We can argue all day about the causes. People who are interested in this subject should look at the writings of this man: [ http://people.uncw.edu/kozloffm/glubb.pdf ]

And it’s interesting that the current violence in America was predicted eight years ago: [ https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/67869-this-violence-was-predicted-eight-years-ago/ ]

Are there cycles in human history? I read a lot of history, but the High Theory of Historical Cycles is above my paygrade. I only look at the results.

We feel superior to the continental European powers – France, Spain, Italy, Germany – all of which reached their current democratic order via terrible civil wars, insurrections, dictatorships. But maybe their past shows us our future?

Americans are rightly proud of the uniqueness of their country – some give credit to Divine Providence, others to having two big oceans on each side and non-hostile neighbors on top and bottom, plus a large virgin continent to exploit once its original owners had been exterminated or put into reservations. But maybe that’s coming to an end.

The Left have captured the cultural apparatus of our country: the lawyers, teachers, journalists. And they are hollowing out the military and police wherever they have the power to do so. While this is happening, we are entering uncharted waters internationally, with a rising China.

It is so hard to change one’s basic assumptions. Today was like yesterday and tomorrow will probably be like today, and so the natural tendency is to do what the engineers call ‘linear interpolation’: one more kilogram added to the new airplane’s wings won’t make any difference, therefore keep adding kilograms. Until … oh no – the wing breaks off when we’re pulling out of a dive and adding extra g-loads to it!

That sort of thinking unconsciously says: We have lived in a Golden Age in America … therefore so will our children. Win an election, lose an election, win an election, lose an election … pass a law, repeal a law. Everything is a matter of contention and compromise among civilized people, liberals and conservatives. And so it will be, forever.

I don’t think so. I believe we have to start thinking the unthinkable, and preparing for a future which will not be like the last 150 years of our national life. I am deeply, deeply sorry about this, but … the facts don’t care about my feelings.

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:+1::+1::+1: Can’t find much to disagree with in any of that.