FBI says we cannot screen Syrian refugees



See: FBI: No way to screen ‘refugees’ coming to U.S.

”On Wednesday, Comey testified before Congress. Speaking before the House Homeland Security Committee, Comey said it was not possible for the U.S. to properly vet the Syrian refugees because there are no data points that would show the past activity of the vast majority of Syrians.”

Obama is intent on ignoring Congress’ exclusive powers over immigration and his lack of constitutional power to open America’s door to about a 1000 Syrian refugees each month. He intends to flood our country with these Muslim refugees in addition to allowing the 10s of millions of poverty stricken illegal entrants from Mexico and Central America to remain in our country.


When will the America People realize we have an Islamic cell operating out of our nation’s White House? Will they come to this conclusion when Islamic terrorist activities begin in our southern Border States or cities like New York City?***


I can not believe what is going on right now. We can not keep getting involved in everybody’s problems, our “compassion” is costing too many innocent lives. I’ve never felt more strongly against a political issue because this is beyond politics. The insidious, cancerous nature of Islamism WILL destroy our country if we do not stop this now and aggressively. Set up a militarized safe zone provide food and water but do not let a single ‘refugee’ over here


We have seen that England and France’s importation of countless Muslims into their country has predictable resulted in an undoing of both countries cultures and the rise of a dangerous factious group which is intent on forcing its cultural beliefs and customs on both countries. The vast majority of Muslims who immigrant into predominately Christian countries do not want to assimilate. If the America People do not rise to the occasion and put an end to Obama’s importation of Muslims into America, America will suffer the same predictable consequences as France and England and our children will pay the price!


The surest way for Obama to accomplish his fundamental transformation of America is to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries.


Elections have consequences.

We are witnessing the consequences of this nation’s electorate providing a committed RADICAL Leftist the levers of power - twice.

We have a full 14 more months of the contemptuous, pathological narcissist Obama and his steady march, intentional or not, that is hijacking this nation’s national identity, culture, institutions and world standing.

That in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen, is our problem and his legacy.


Why do so many of our media personalities constantly tell us Obama’s immigration policy makes no sense or is illogical. The fact is, there is a very “logical reason” to bring tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” here along with allowing tens of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated and low skilled illegal entrants to remain here. That logical reason would be the Administration’s ultimate goal to financially weaken and help to destroy America from within by changing America’s demographics.

Is it not apparent that almost everything Obama has done has helped to weaken or destroy America?

The sad truth is, Obama has added more to the national debt than any other president;

He has given aid and comfort to our enemies by releasing them from GITMO;

He has attempted to strike a deal with a hostile foreign nation behind closed doors and without the consent of the United State Senate being required as commanded by our Constitution;

He is allowing a thousand Islamic “refugees” into the U.S. each month without a requirement to renounce their allegiance to their country of origin, and swear an allegiance to the United States:

He has transferred America’s weapons of defense and military technology to hostile Islamic leaders [the Islamic Brother Hood];

He has stood by and allowed an Islamic terrorist state to move forward with producing the component parts for a nuclear arsenal;

He has allowed our southern border to be invaded by the poverty stricken populations of Mexico and Central America;

He has decided to prop up the communist government of Cuba by normalizing relations, which in turn will yield a needed infusion of money to strengthen this government’s iron fist around the necks of its citizens;

He has released thousands of criminal illegal aliens into our nation’s population;

He is responsible for undermining our election process by making it easy for ineligible persons to vote;

He has interfered with our nation’s ability to develop our natural resources, namely oil, coal and natural gas to fuel our economy;

He has worked to stifle America’s agricultural industry and ability to produce food under the guise of environmental necessity;

He has intentionally sabotaged our nation’s health care delivery system:

He has blatantly impinged upon the American People’s inalienable right to make their own choices and decisions regarding their health care and medical needs;

He is responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of people receiving food stamps;

He is responsible for a dramatic drop in fulltime employment;

He is responsible for a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate of our nation’s Black youth;

He has used the force of our federal government to tax the paychecks of hard working people living in our nation’s inner cities and then transferred $ billions from our federal treasury to his inner circle friends under the guise of “green energy” [Solyndra/Chevy Volt/Fisker, Exelon, etc.];

He has repeatedly circumvented our Republican Form of Government by issuing Executive Orders and memorandums;

He has stood by and allowed his Administration to use the force of the federal government to attack “conservatives” who dare to exercise their right to freedom of speech;

And he has now threatened to veto a bipartisan bill to require our Agencies to carefully screen Syrian refuges so as to protect the general welfare of the United States and her citizens.

Who can truthfully deny Obama is intentionally attempting to destroy America from within?


*** The surest way for Obama to accomplish his fundamental transformation of America is to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries.***


With that being said, how can ANYBODY be so blinded by their allegiance to him than to our country? We are imploding and there is seemingly nobody that has the power or gall to tell this stupid f$&@ NO! No, you cant just tear up the constitution. No, you can’t fundamentally change who we are. I have in laws that I will be sitting around the thanksgiving table with who are so ignorant that it makes me sad. If I could get suggestions on how to deal with these people without bursting into tears of rage, that would be greatly appreciated.


My favorite thing to do, is play dumb. I let them talk, and ask stupid questions. Listen to them jerk and flip trying to explain. Priceless.


Get moar ammo boys its gonna get interesting …


Questions like, would you like to house these people next door to you? How are we expected to take care of them when we can’t even take care of our veterans? Why are over 70% military ages makes? Haha any others?..


How many Syrian refugees are already in our country?(1800+) How many do you think we should take in? How many is Obama gonna let come?(250,000, over three years.) “How do we discern a Syrian Muslim Extremist from a Syrian Christian on sight?”


I guess obama is able to screen christians from Syria and is deporting them