Fearless Cruz Breaks Down Holder




Great, more commercials posing as a thread.


It contains the message of liberty. You may not be interested. Go back to sleep.


[quote=“RET423, post:3, topic:38647”]
Great, more commercials posing as a thread.
[/quote]Another snark posing as a comment.


No, that was an actual “comment”.

Unlike the constant stream of threads that get started with just a title and a link to another site with absolutely NO opinion or “comment” from the poster regarding the link.

That is just using this forum to spam other websites, commercials posing as threads.

If the content of these links is so uninteresting to the OP that they cannot even muster a summary or a comment then why on earth would they think that anyone else would want to check them out?

Unless the objective is to just get “hits” for the link to make it seem more popular than it is of course, like all spam.


The articles and/or videos are often enough in and of themselves to spark a discussion, which is the goal. A serious discussion is the goal. I should not expect that from someone who champions themselves as a *constitutional conservative *and champions the Federal Reserve at the same time. It’s like the geek in *Full Metal Jacket *with “Born to Kill” written next to the peace symbol. Are you also trying to suggest the duality of man? Is this also the goal when you slam the Republican establishment, yet you supported Newt in the primary?


Actually, that is against the forum rules, anyway.


I know, I suggested to John that we ask posters to stop spamming us and offer at least something when they start a thread. I know he thought it was a good idea and he said he would implement it but enforcing it is not so easy.

I usually get here from the RO news page that lists the most recent 5 threads that have been started, sometimes **all 5 **are just spam/commercials trying to gin up hits on other sites! :banghead: :firing:


I’ll grant your point about leaving comments. It makes sense. But some of us are on lots of forums and differences in rules can lead to forgetfullness.

However in this case, I doubt the goal was to spread the word that there is a website called Youtube. And unless somebody is posting from a blog I doubt they are trying to rack up hits on any other site.


YouTube counts every hit on every video, as an example Paulbot’s did everything they could to give the illusion that Paul had some massive grass roots movement behind him and citing how many views his videos had was one of their “evidences”.

It has nothing to do with Youtube, it has to do with using RO as a spamming portal for other agendas. If the link is so vanilla to the OP that they don’t even bother to type a summary and state whether they like the piece or oppose it then what other reason but spam would justify making a thread out of it?


RET: I guess I’m one of the ones who start threads with a title and a link, but that is what I thought we were supposed to do. I try to leave a sentence or two about my thoughts on the link. I thought the video on Cruz was informative. I never heard of Senator Cruz or Lee before. What do you think about their comments to Holder? I am very concerned about two things right now that seem to have been swept under the carpet by the msm and the WH: Benghazi and Fast & Furious. Am I right in thinking that Holder was found innocent in some investigation into F&F or did I misunderstand that? When are we going to get some real answers about Benghazi? I suppose that won’t come until BO has been fumigated from the WH.


I had not noticed any from you, probably because you comment about the link. It is almost always from the Paul contingent.

I like Cruz, I think he is the real deal but we will have to see how he holds up under intense attacks now that he has burrowed his way to relevance in the GOP.

Unfortunately we know what happened in both cases, the problem is that the GOP controlled House refuses to demand accountability.

Benghazi was a case of the Administration placing their desire to “be liked” by Terrorist’s over the life of our Ambassador and his staff, the option was there from the beginning to call in the Calvary and make pig food out of all the Terrorist’s who attacked our Consulate and the President refused.

This was stupid and incompetent but not illegal, beating him over the head with it constantly is the only way to keep the issue on the minds of voters but the GOP would not even do that during the campaign.

The same is true of F&F, not illegal just incredibly stupid.

Both of these events reveal complete incompetence by Obama and reveal his awful, childish judgment as well. For this to help America some entity must make the most of these imbeciles celebration of idiocy, until Cruz got there no other GOP stuffed suit had the guts and now many of them are turning on Cruz.

Well, I have not heard of any evidence that he broke any laws. Holder is an idiot and a Racist but that is legal, even if his stupidity and incompetence gets people killed.

I think we have gotten all we are going to get, the Demoncrats are not interested in talking about it and neither is most of the GOP so the media feels no pressure to call for accountability.

Until a political Party forms that honors its members who care enough to fight for America events like these will pass quietly when Liberals commit them.


How incredibly sad for America. I wonder if Benghazi and F & F would have been treated the same had Bush or another Republican been president. I doubt it, though, we’ll never know. So, who in your opinion, right now holds a position of possible REAL WH material on the republican/conservative side for 2016? I don’t hold much hope, but then I never knew about Cruz or Lee either. What do you think about Rubio or Ryan? It seems like the dems can pull out unknown rabbits out of a hat each election (I never heard of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or BO until the primaries) but the repubs seem to wind up dead before the race even begins. To me, it seems like there’s too much division within the republican/conservative party. The dems on the other hand are all united. Sigh


Damn, you got him to comment on the subject matter! What’s your secret?


This makes your post legit. The problem has been with people just posting a link with no comments.


Okay…gotcha! Thanks, Susanna!