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Liz Cheney’s Opponent!:+1:

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Oh, but Lizzy is going to run for President in 2024, don’t you know. You are missing the big picture. Anti-Trump people are going to flock to her because of her “bold, principled stance,”

YEA RIGHT! As a politician, she’s as dead as a dodo bird. :skull_and_crossbones:

A number of Republican Congressmen who voted to impeach Trump are losing their seats. Liz Cheney has gone way beyond that. Going to bed with Nancy Pelosi is as bad as going to bed with Hunter Biden.

Many Republicans despise her for what she’s done. The Democrats, after they have used her, will dump her in the political trash can.

Stealing a phrase from the Watergate era, “Liz Cheney is a dead rat on the kitchen floor of America.”


Of course they felt the same way when Napoleon was on Elba and Hitler in prison. Constant surveillance is required because voters are fickle. BIDEN might even be reelected!

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Yes, with gasoline prices going down, although still high, the execution of the that Muslim terrorist leader and the the push for (passage?) of “The Inflation Reduction (actually inflation enhancement, tax, spend and tax audit expansion) Act”, Ole Joe is looking better to the uninformed electorate.

One thing I have noted in my years of observing the political process is that a sizable portion of the voters WANT to vote Democrat. They only stray from the pack when things get REALLY bad. These reasons for voting Republican have included Lyndon Johnson at his worst, Jimmy Carter’s bad economy and his groveling during the Iranian hostage crisis and the nomination of Hillary Clinton, one of the worst presidential candidates from a major party in history.

People naturally want to vote Democrat because the Donkey Party stands for “the little people” and Republicans are greedy and only stand for corporations. This attitude has its roots in FDR during the Great Depression. It has never died despite considerable evidence to the contrary.

There are more than a few who probably think that “The Green New Deal” is the second coming of “The New Deal” which will open the government coffers and put the working class in government sponsored “economic hammocks.” Little do they realize that “The Green New Deal” is a recipe for an economic crash that will make the Great Depression look small and temporarily.


Isn’t it time for another ***STIMULUS CHECK ***to buy voters for the upcoming election???
A very good idea, the usual Democratic method is buying election results by hook or crook. This ploy using real cash money is just more obvious than usual. Almost brazen misuse of tax money.
And now that Biden’s COVID isolation is over AGAIN,stand by for STUPIDITY!!! Wait for it…,the gaffs and pratfalls are coming!
You can depend on it.

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Biden is expanding prescription drug benefits and Obama Care to buy votes with his “Inflation Reduction Bill?” One good part of the plan is to allow the government to negotiate drug prices. Other than that it’s a lousy bill.

It’s a big boost for the “Green New Deal” which will put inflation on steroids. The American people are short sighted and will vote in the short term before the bad stuff takes effect. Undoubtedly the Democrats will come up with more shiny objects to get votes for 2024.


Liz has not a chance in hell. No democrat is going to vote for her over any democrat they run against the repunks.

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Got to wondering why the need for the 80+ thousands of newly added IRS agents and came up with this …

People need to understand that they are Not going after the wealthy.

The wealthy have not grown so much that the government can’t possibly be looking in that direction!

So what are they preparing for?

They are going after the poor and middle class folks!

Folks who, because of government created soaring inflation are working 2nd and 3rd jobs to survive!

Folks working off the books to supplement their income!

Working part time because one and sometimes two jobs no longer suffice!

They just can’t survive on the income that they use to earn!

There are millions of, if not billions of dollars not being reported according to government insiders!

They simply can’t allow these folks to hide assets the government believes it should be able to tax!

Think they’ll go after the illegals?

Oh, one more thing …

That Great jobs report?

Those 2nd and 3rd jobs are part of the reason for it!


There are other reasons for the Wonderful, “Biden is a savior” jobs report but that is for a later discussion!


One of the prime reasons for the 80,000+ IRS agents will be to punish their political opponents. With IRS, you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. All the agency needs to do is accuse you. You can give in and pay or spend thousands of dollars to hire the experts to defend yourself.

The rich have the money to hire the professionals to defend them; the middle class and poor do not. If you successful defend yourself, you are still out the time and money it took to do it.

It’s are far more efficient way to punish your enemies than working the Justice Department and the FBI, and the government can do it year after year for the rest of a person’s life.


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


Especially when you tell them you are going to give them everything for nothing and are going to go after “the rich bastards” to fund it. Remember that much of the youth has been programmed in the school system.

Nevertheless, Liz is a Republican on paper, and given her record, her GOP support is seriously eroded. She won’t survive the primary, and the Democrats probably won’t nominate her unless they’re desperate.


So someone on a media outlet announced that The Puppet, Biden, has "improved approval ratings"but I don’t remember who…so I checked with Fox News Poll and their result was a record DISAPPROVAL RATING for the week.
Is there any chance we could be in a Democratic Spin Mode again?

I find that weird cause I regularly skipped school, Department Regent wouldn’t graduate me despite a 3.5 GPA wouldn’t sign a release for my internship. I learned everything from books, Camus, Schophenhauer, Tillich, Erasmus, Huxley, HG Wells, Zinn, Chomsky, and CS Lewis.

I don’t know. The Dems have been celebrating their Feral Pork Act- sorry; Inflation Reduction Act, and their propaganda machine- sorry; the unbiased mainstream news media have been touting it for them, and there may be enough people in this country to buy that diaper load.

Yes, the media is talking up the free stuff the Democrats are handing out and not mentioning the fact that there is a new tax on imported oil which will increase prices at the pump.

The media also fails to point out the IRS will be larger than several other government agencies combined. The IRS also put out an employment ad, since retracted, that emphasizes the fact that IRS agents will be packing guns and should expect to use them. The police state is near and dear to the people who lead the Democrat Party.

The Democrats will also have hundreds of billions more to spend on green energy. Given their track record with Salindra, it would interesting to know how much money goes out the back door and is never used for its intended purpose. That’s one of the problems with bloated big government. It’s too big to control.

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That’s what I thought but I have looked at other polls and they’re not showing the Puppet Biden going up.

Biden is on vacation in South Carolina living RENT FREE at a palatial beach-front property. Could you imagine the howls from the liberal press if a Republican president were doing that? They would examining every financial record the owner of that property had. They would be looking at their political contributions and maybe even their stock and bond holdings.

But since it’s the Democrat president Biden, it’s business as usual. There can’t possibly be a conflict of interest anywhere. Throw in the fact that Hunter is down there with him, living high on the hog. Of course when Hunter isn’t there, he’s living in Malabo, California which is not exactly a low rent area. And Hunter has a rich guy picking up the tab for his taxes. But there is nothing to see here … nothing at all.

Any gop president decrease spending ever?

At this rate, I doubt any president will ever decrease spending for the rest of time until our country collapses in debt and we become permanently 3rd world.

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That’s true. There is so much spending now that has been classified as "non-discretionary” that no president can change or fix it. The system feeds on itself. Inflation will prompt large increases in Social Security payments which will make the deficit worse.

There is a limit to this. It will come when the “Modern Monetary Theory” increases the money supply to the extent where the dollar will become almost worthless.

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