Fed up!😡

Liz Cheney’s Opponent!:+1:

Oh, but Lizzy is going to run for President in 2024, don’t you know. You are missing the big picture. Anti-Trump people are going to flock to her because of her “bold, principled stance,”

YEA RIGHT! As a politician, she’s as dead as a dodo bird. :skull_and_crossbones:

A number of Republican Congressmen who voted to impeach Trump are losing their seats. Liz Cheney has gone way beyond that. Going to bed with Nancy Pelosi is as bad as going to bed with Hunter Biden.

Many Republicans despise her for what she’s done. The Democrats, after they have used her, will dump her in the political trash can.

Stealing a phrase from the Watergate era, “Liz Cheney is a dead rat on the kitchen floor of America.”

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Of course they felt the same way when Napoleon was on Elba and Hitler in prison. Constant surveillance is required because voters are fickle. BIDEN might even be reelected!

Yes, with gasoline prices going down, although still high, the execution of the that Muslim terrorist leader and the the push for (passage?) of “The Inflation Reduction (actually inflation enhancement, tax, spend and tax audit expansion) Act”, Ole Joe is looking better to the uninformed electorate.

One thing I have noted in my years of observing the political process is that a sizable portion of the voters WANT to vote Democrat. They only stray from the pack when things get REALLY bad. These reasons for voting Republican have included Lyndon Johnson at his worst, Jimmy Carter’s bad economy and his groveling during the Iranian hostage crisis and the nomination of Hillary Clinton, one of the worst presidential candidates from a major party in history.

People naturally want to vote Democrat because the Donkey Party stands for “the little people” and Republicans are greedy and only stand for corporations. This attitude has its roots in FDR during the Great Depression. It has never died despite considerable evidence to the contrary.

There are more than a few who probably think that “The Green New Deal” is the second coming of “The New Deal” which will open the government coffers and put the working class in government sponsored “economic hammocks.” Little do they realize that “The Green New Deal” is a recipe for an economic crash that will make the Great Depression look small and temporarily.