Federal Civilian Workforce Soars to 2.79 Million After Years of Restraint


In a dramatic government turnabout, the federal civilian workforce has grown for 13 consecutive months, and is now slightly larger than when President Obama first took office in early 2009, in the depths of the recession.
A new report by Government Executive says federal agencies that were once hamstrung by tight budget caps and across the board spending cuts that necessitated downsizing and temporary hiring freezes have picked up the pace in hiring new workers or filling long-standing vacancies.

Federal Civilian Workforce Soars to 2.79 Million After Years of Restraint | The Fiscal Times

Frankly I do not believe the article for one minute. When obama came in federal workers increased as well as pay. Government loves to add more people to increase their “importance” and their budget which is geared to spending everything they have and asking for more. The only department which has seen cuts is the military and that even is subject to review for some of the excesses we have read about.

The fact is many of these agencies should be trimmed and even eliminated because they do nothing or are duplicates which are more job fillers than needed.


They’re all part-time jobs.


They’re sure not permanent jobs.

All those drones and desk-jockeys, are just one economic collapse away from no work, no UC, no pay, no money that has real value. People with REAL skills, who can build structures, lay pipe, fix machinery, or even play guitar and sing…will have something to fall back on. But what is more pathetic than a low-level government bureaucrat with no other skills?


Private sector employees will get the ax before any of the government drones. Do you remember when someone asked Obama about unemployment in the private sector? “The private sector is fine,” the statist in chief answered. “I’m concerned about state and local government employees,” he said.

When you get Obama off script, you find out what he really thinks.

As for laying a bunch of government drones off, it won’t happen. The government issues debt, and the Federal Reserve buys it. It’s called “QE II,” and my old Keynesian economics professor claimed he would never happen. He might be turning in his grave now.


Yes, but private-sector employees are hired to do REAL…WORK. Not stack forms into piles on a desk, with one eye on the clock.

Yes, these drones will be the last to feel it. And they will feel it the worst - because the goobermint will keep on printing to keep on paying; because that’s the way the goobermint washes money going into goobermint unions. They’ll keep on printing until they can’t print no more - that is, when it finally becomes obvious even to government liberals, that the dollar has no value. That it’s crashed. That there’s no there there. That there’s panic, not only in flyover country, but in the Majic City of Money, where the grocery shelves are also bare.

The rest of us will be farming or bartering or digging in…and these cretins will have nowhere to go and no idea what to do.


Billary will put icing on this cake!