Federal judge compares Trump to KKK, says president engaged in 'great assault on our judiciary'


… saying the president has selected judicial nominees that do not represent the diversity of America.
(Notice that the ones always using the ‘race’ ticket tend to be Democrats or … Black?)

“There’s no such thing as an ‘Obama judge.’” -John Roberts

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Activist judges (including the race-baiting clown quoted) are engaged in a great assault on the United States of America.


Agreed, FC. These morons need to be impeached for incompetence.


I’m sure that if you asked this clown about Clarence Thomas, he’d call him an “Uncle Tom” who needs to have blood hounds sent after him to put him in his place … back in his slave cabin on the Democrat plantation.

Clowns like this have politicized the judiciary. He thinks that he has the powers of the legislatures, the governors, the House, the Senate and the President all wrapped up into one dictatorial package that comes from his bench. If he wants to know why so many people have lost respect for judges, he need only look in the mirror.