Federal Judge Orders Reinstatement Of Acosta's White House Press Credentials


This morning, US District Judge and Trump appointee, Timothy Kelly, ordered the immediate reinstatement of CNN’s Jim Acosta’s WH press credentials - citing Acosta’s ban violated his 1st and 5th amendment rights, thus causing him “irreparable harm”.

So, it seems one can create a disturbance at a WH briefing/news conference and there is no remedy.

I would like to say this situation is beyond belief, but in the “Age Of Gross Incompetence” and “Get Trump”, it seems anything and everything goes.

As for “irreparable harm” suffered by Jim Acosta - on the contrary, this ruling solidifies Acosta’s “street cred” among the hard Left and encourages other commentators masquerading as journalists to use White House briefings/news conferences to disrupt and attempt to bludgeon the administration.


That judge had no standing to do that


If you want to see unbiased news, try One America News Network on cable. It has 2 opinion hours per day…the “The Daily Ledger” with Graham Ledger followed by “Tipping Point” with Liz Wheeler. It’s true that BOTH of these are CONSERVATIVE shows, but their straight news programs are just that…straight news.


I agree, TrumpTrain. If I were the President, I’d IGNORE this judge’s “order”. He has NO STANDING to issue such an order…period. Who has access to the White House is the SOLE purview of the President and the Secret Service. The courts have no authority or even say-so about this issue.


Here’s hoping the White House appeals. No one has a 1st or 5th Amendment right to a White House press pass; that’s ludicrous.