Federal Judge Overrules Trump Exec Order - Immigration


It has just been announced, that a Federal Judge in San Francisco (where the hell else) has just overruled Trump’s Executive Order that only those coming to a port of entry would be considered for asylum pursuant to a lawful process. .The judge noted in his ruling, that only congress can change or make law regarding immigration/asylum.

In other words, people can enter the country any way they can and anywhere along the border and file for asylum. Of course, what this means is those currently gathered near ports of entry and planning to seek asylum, can - and probably will - enter the US anywhere they can sneak across the border.

I think the dysfunctional Republican majority in congress must take some responsibility for not being pro-active in passing legislation shoring up our ability to take appropriate action at our border.

Unbelievable. We officially have no border that we can control. Come one, come all - request asylum, get your court date and don’t show up for court. You can then work - or not - crowd our schools, collect government subsidies, including medical, etc.


Once more the “dictators in black robes” have more power than the president and the Congress. When the majorities in a Congress are thin, as they were during the first two years of the Trump administration, nothing can get done. RINOs like Jeff Flake and John McCain, who were from the front lines in Arizona saw to it that nothing got done.


Nothing is to prevent President Trump from telling this “judge” to go pound sand. Let him TRY and enforce his ruling. Result? Nothing.


Putting further power into the executive branch would backfire tremendously. A number of Obamacare rulings were critical to crippling its infringement on religious freedom; a President free to ignore such “decisions” would have left them unaccountable.


And of course the ACLU is singing this judge’s praises.


This has nothing to do with “Obamacare” and the two issues are NOT analogous…even remotely. This is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. Obamacare was a matter of stealing from American taxpayers on a massive scale. Obamacare was (is) a law enforcement issue and Posse Comitatus applies. Sending troops to the border to stop an illegal invasion is a national security issue and Posse doesn’t apply at all…just as an example. The President has the power to regulate immigration. He did NOT have the power to regulate America’s healthcare.


Um, isn’t ICE an executive branch agency, created by the legislative branch to discharge the immigration laws duly adopted by congress? In other words, was not President Trump exercising a power already legally delegated to the executive branch, and from whence does a judicial appointee derive the power to issue orders to the duly elected president?

EDIT: As I understand it, some judge or other (maybe this one, maybe another, if I watch too close I’ll explode) ordered President Trump to grant amnesty to pretty much the entire caravan. I hope that’s some b.s., but I’m actually afraid to read up on it too much because I’m too worried it’s true. Judges simply have no such authority. The executive is an independent branch of government, and Congress has the sole power of impeachment. Judges can issue opinions, findings and writs on a presidents actions, but have no authority to overrule a presidents legal orders to executive personnel. Or is the twit rewriting the law to make the president’s action illegal, and getting a tyranny twofer by usurping both other branches at once?


That’s not how power works; create a precedent where the President gets to ignore a court order in one arena, they freely get to use it in another.

The activities of Chicken farmers had nothing to do with healthcare, but guess what happened Dave?


So is Health & Human Services.

The law states that someone within the United States can file for asylum, not just at a port of entry.

Through his order, Trump was rewriting the law.

For the sake of an Afghan translator who fled the Taliban and wound up on the living room floor of an American soldier he saved, and any like him who are in actual danger, the wheels of our system move too slowly.

Neither human lives, nor the things that threaten them, fall neatly into beareucratic methods. Flexibility is required.