Feds order no background checks for jobs


The Obama administration has ordered the nation’s colleges and universities to stop asking applicants about criminal and school disciplinary history because it discriminates against minorities. Institutions are also being asked to offer those with criminal records special support services such as counseling, mentoring and legal aid once enrolled. The government’s official term for these perspective students is “justice-involved individuals” and the new directive aims to remove barriers to higher education for the overwhelmingly minority population that’s had encounters with the law or disciplinary issues through high school.
Instructions are outlined in a cumbersome document (Beyond the Box) issued by the U.S Department of Education (ED) this month.

Yes fill those vacancies with criminals. No background checks allows illegals to apply as well


The article isn’t talking about jobs; it’s talking about admissions.

"Therefore colleges and universities should consider designing admissions policies that don’t include disciplinary history so they don’t have the “unjustified effect of discriminating against individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion and disability,” the new ED guidelines state. Three out of four colleges and universities collect high school disciplinary information and 89% of those institutions use the information to make admissions decisions, according to the order. That needs to change, according to the administration. "


What all this is doing, is simply rendering a college degree WORTHLESS.

It USED to be two things: It was proof of education and/or some specialized training, and it was a testament of character. Of class, if you will.

And if that sounds elitist…consider. You do not want people with low class, many of whom have criminal records, in large corporations as public officers - making decisions that affect shareholders, employees and the public. Decisions about what to DO regarding issues over product,or impact on the public, or on various liability issues. Issues regarding money. Regarding employees who have claims or who may depend on their pensions.

Want more crime in the executive offices? More embezzlement, more cover-ups, more pension thefts, more lies issued under the company letterhead? This is a good way. Corporations are not sentient beings; they are ORGANIZATIONS made up of PEOPLE.

Put trash in there and what you have is a gang, pretending to be a corporation.

GOVERNMENT became dangerously corrupt, incompetent and deranged, when we stopped screening elected officials and potential bureaucratic hires for class. Do we want corporations acting like EPA offices?

Of course Barry would. He’s stupid and contemptuous all at once.


It is obvious you did not read the complete article-- try again


No, you didn’t.

The article you quoted is about Colleges. This article that yours referenced at the bottom, is about jobs.