Feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie

There has to be 100 birds in the tree right outside our door. I’ve tried chucking stuff up there, and the fake owl to no avail. Anyone know a way to make birds go away. The wife and the cops won’t let me use the shotgun method and the landlord won’t let me take down the tree. I’m just about down to renting a cat to throw up there next.

try fake snakes

Post pictures of Nancy Pelosi


Oh my…

play recorded distressed bird calls or predator sounds at the tree.

Rent screaming children

This reminds me of that scene in Steel Magnolias…

And scare the children! Already have screaming kids all around. Have to look into the recorded sounds. Thanks!

I have no idea if these work, but you might try this. Good luck

Scare Birds Away | Fake Predator Decoys | Lasers | Tapes