Feinstein leans toward acquitting Trump as his defense team ends impeachment arguments

The story has changed!

“I was against the impeachment before I was for it…”

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They always do this. and Collins, Murkowski, romney along with a lot on the left side of the aisle…they are so far below the founders ideals that it is cringeworthy. how did we get to this point.

They are transparent,small minded, vengeful, lazy, greedy, low IQ (seriously), self absorbed, self UNaware, self aggrandizing and predictable. SO very predictable.

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I can understand why Collins is a RINO in many respects, She comes from a state is fundamentally Democratic and is trying to hang on for dear life.

Murkowski and Romney make me want to puke. Both are from states that are supposed to be Republican strongholds. Romney’s conduct makes me ashamed that I worked for his election 2012. I stack that along side with the shame that I have for doing some work and voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976. Both were misguided actions on my part.

I hope that Murkowski can be knocked off in the primaries. I can’t understand why she is a Republican. Romney is just an egotistical fool. I think he does a lot this crap because he angry that he didn’t win in 2012. He thinks that Trump didn’t deserve it and blames Trump for not giving him a big role in the Trump Administration. He is a distinctly disappointing individual who clearly does not deserve another term in the Senate four and half years from now.

Like John McCain, he likes to ego trip with the lame stream news media. He thinks that they admire his “courage.” Little does he know that they would get out the long knives for him if they could put a Democrat in his place.

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He’s a great actor. I actually thought he might be a good choice for president. BOy did he have me fooled. I am just so thankful he did not win. That four more years with the Kenyan prince caused enough discontent and SUFFERING in the populace that when Mr. Trump came along with the right platform…people were ready for it.

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