Female Democrat sexual accusers really have it made …


If this surprise witness from California is telling the truth she will have really have it made. She will be a hero and in-line for a big book deal that will net her millions after she brings down a Supreme Court nominee. Who knows? Maybe she will get him impeached and convicted from the Federal Bench? That would really be a coup!

If she’s lying but gets her story to stick, she’s still in line for hero worship and the book deal. After all, when does honesty and integrity matter when it’s all for a good cause?

If she’s lying and gets caught, that’s still okay because she will “have had the courage to stand up for her Democratic-Progressive principles and convictions.” Why does the truth matter? There won’t be any penalties for lying to Congress because she is “a progressive” after all and different legal standards apply to them. She might even still get a book deal, and she will probably be asked to be the star attraction at the next women’s march wearing a vagina hat.

The rules change, of course, if you a woman from either party who accuses a Democrat. Just ask the women who were hit on by Bill Clinton or more recently Keith Ellison. In that case you are a liar and an ingrate who can’t see that those men have been working on your behalf. Such women are outcasts, just like African-Americans who wonder off the Progressive Plantation, express conservative views, work for conservative candidates or heaven forbid run as Republican candidates. The Democrats will send the bloodhounds after you.

Yep, being a progressive in the public eye is really an easy life.


This whole thing remins me of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill event.

Thomas now sits on the Supreme Court.

Hope this turns out the same.