Female Officer Didn't Use Her Gun to Defend Herself for Fear of a Public Backlash


Chicago cop who was severely beaten by a suspect didn’t use her gun for fear of backlash – Rare

So it’s come to this. A female officer’s head is slammed repeatedly into the concrete and she didn’t use her gun for fear of public backlash. If a subject is slamming the head of a police officer repeatedly into the pavement, that constitutes a deadly force scenario, therefore deadly force is authorized. However, even if she was in fear for her life and felt she needed to shoot to save her life, doing so would have resulted in the officer being charged criminally, the terrorist group BLM shutting down traffic, assaulting and battering innocent people, turning over cars and breaking store windows and looting, along with other mass chaos all enabled by the liberal media. So, it comes to the point I guess where one just does their best to survive and hope the subject is arrested and charged with attempted murder which is what happened.