Fifth Column Republicans work to preserve Obama’s arbitrary DACA policy


See: More Republicans sign DACA petition after Ryan says not to behind closed doors

”A group of moderate Republicans are backing a plan to bypass GOP leaders by forcing a floor vote on four competing bills to preserve the Obama-era DACA program, which protected young undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children. Trump has decided to end the program, though it’s currently tied up in the courts.”

This action is a blatant attempt to divide and splinter the Republican controlled House with regard to illegal entrants.

Here is a list of those Fifth Column Republicans

Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida
Jeff Denham, R-California
David Valadao, R-California
Will Hurd, R-Texas
Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Florida
Mia Love, R-Utah
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Florida
Charlie Dent, R-Pennsylvania
Fred Upton, R-Michigan
David Reichert, R-Washington
Mike Coffman, R-Colorado
Chris Collins, R-New York
John Faso, R-New York
Mark Amodei, R-Nevada
Elise Stefanik, R-New York
Leonard Lance, R-New Jersey
Ryan Costello, R-Pennsylvania
Stephen Knight, R-California
Diana DeGette, D-Colorado
John Katko, R-New York
David Trott, R-Michigan


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


Fifth Column Republicans finding success in splitting GOP with discharge petition

See GOP split on immigration is a crisis for Ryan’s team

”McCarthy’s warning to GOP colleagues was even more dire: If a discharge petition goes forward, he said, it could cost Republicans the House majority in the November midterm elections.”

There is a active movement in our country to destroy it from within, and part of destroying it includes flooding our country with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled populations of other countries who become dependent upon government for their economic needs and will sell their vote to the socialist/communist/progressive ringleaders who promise to keep the government cheese wagon coming their way.

These Fifth Column Republicans need to be punished and kicked out of the Republican Party and replaced with patriotic Americans who support and defend the rule of law, and protecting our borders from this ongoing invasion.


The unavoidable truth is, our Fifth Column social democrat political leaders’ plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by confiscating the paychecks of millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.


Why is there a Democrat on the list?


As far as I am concerned they are all de-facto Democrats. Republican control of the House and Senate is a myth.


To boot people who are culturally American? Who largely now have families here, families we will be responsible for fragmenting, creating another open sore for the Democrats to take advantage of?

Democrats seldom solve problems, but they will exploit them, so why give them this window?

Mind, we’ve seen plenty of backlash against anti-illegal laws in Red States, and that was just for generic illegal labor, not people like this who are far more embedded in our society.


How does one go about “certifying” that an illegal was “brought here” by their illegal alien parents prior to a set date, presumably without their knowledge or permission?


They speak English basically as well as you or I can. They’re likely be records of them attending school here.


BS. We have HS “students” admitted under liberal policies, which turned out to be 25-year-old men!


That would be rare, and it doesn’t matter. They speak English, are culturally American.

Which means, they can advocate for themselves in a way most illegals can;t, and they’ll drum up sympathy Democrats can use as political capital.

Don’t give that to them, solve the problem, and do it right, not with shortcuts.


Tell it to the 14-year-old girl gang-raped in a Philadelphia school by 3 “Hispanics” claiming to have been brought here as children, but who had only been here 4 years and came on their own–illegally–and who turned out to be in their early 20’s and not even ELIGIBLE for the socialist’s “free education.” NONE of them were fluent in English, which their attorney’s claimed as a “defense” because they “couldn’t understand” her when the girl said no.


Today the House Freedom Caucus killed the Farm Bill to put pressure on Ryan. They want a vote on the Immigration Bill put forward by the House Judiciary Committee. Whether it passes or not it will kill the Rino’s discharge petition AND put them on the record for the crap weasels that they are.

I don’t know how we are handling unaccompanied minors now but they should just give them one-way bus tickets to these RINO districts.


Who herself was Hispanic?

You’re just playing the same game as the left; you make no distinctions, you don’t look at the individual.

And your view is absurd; it’s just as pointless as when the left use any gun shooting as evidence of what can be prevented if you just took guns out of the hands of people.

And guess what Dave? People are harder to control than guns. That’s just the facts.
If you know why anti-gun laws don’t work, then you also know why draconian immigration laws don’t work either.


Seriously? So it’s OK to rape her since she was Hispanic.

How would we know? We haven’t tried these “draconian” measures and we haven’t tried a Wall. And what is so draconian about curtailing chain migration and eliminating the lottery with a merit based system?


Immigrants are the disproportionate victims of other immigrant’s crime.

The last girl talked about, her mother herself was a refugee. Does that mean their suffering doesn’t count?

Or that you think it wouldn’t happen if they weren’t here?

Knowing that immigrants flee places like Guatemala and el Salvador specifically because this happens in far wider measure?

Something you want me and the rest of America to take a blind eye to and say “nope, not our problem”?

We’ve increased border spending and increased border enforcement personnel by several magnitudes.

Yet, no improvement in enforcement occurred. Illegal immigration kept growing at the same pace it had for decades.

It doesn’t. work.

Civil Power is limited in what it can do, and the drivers of immigration are embedded in everyday, human circumstances. These are things are own citizens willingly take a blind eye to; there’s nothing driving ordinary people to turn illegals in.

You cannot have any enforcement policy you want under these conditions, for the same reason you can’t get prohibition to work. Or gun laws. Or ****** trans fat & food truck bans. Because people don’t go along with it. The efficacy is not there, and the drivers for why it keeps happening are too widespread.

The choice is the same as in all those other instances; you have a legal pathway that reflects actual demand and try to regulate out the worst actors, or you can have a black market & all the ill effects you were trying to prevent get worse.

It’s a human condition dilemma, it always has been.


However, the U.S. TAXPAYERS aren’t responsible for the “human conditions” in the rest of the world and shouldn’t be expected, let alone REQUIRED, to pay for them…with our money, our healthcare system or ur education system–though given it’s lousy state lately, I don’t know WHY anyone would want to take advantage of it any longer.


So don’t; change the policy.

Public services across the country need to be restructured in order to be sustainable anyway, why not start doing that?

And Dave, you can’t ignore this, they contribute economically, and what they contribute economically (not in taxes) is far more than what they consume in services.

Ergo, you can make what they pay in taxes, equal to what they consume in services, if you just changed the damn structure of the benefits.

Which we need to do anyway.

The idea that our public services would be fine if the immigrants weren’t here, is false. They need reform, regardless.


Once again, we’re back to the selling trinkets to each other is “helping” America’s economy. BS. I have no problem with changing the policy. It should have been done in the 60’s when that moron LBJ started his “War on Poverty” which, after over 50 years in practice hasn’t reduced “poverty” by a single percentage point.

That does’t EXCUSE illegal aliens from taking advantage of our “generosity,” however. They should be caught, deported and prevented from EVER coming back…even legally…for a minimum of 15 years.


No, this happening according to cycles older than our laws, possibly even older than our government.

You may not, and cannot use civil law to rewrite sociological cycles. You can’t do it Dave, and if you try, you harm us all.

We are to blame first & foremost, for writing laws that don’t make sense, and which do not reflect circumstances on the damn ground.

Take responsibility, fix the damn law, then enforce it. Fix the problem we set off in 1962. That’s the only way this gets resolved.


In your world, that means “open borders” and we won’t SURVIVE as a society or nation if we do any such thing.


Nope; Goldwater Plan.

I’d also accept what Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore or the UAE do; they thrive on their expat communities, no reason we shouldn’t be the same way.

I mean Dave, we have the list countries by immigration rate. Besides those right next door to a warzone (and even then, it’s because those countries were already a mess themselves), you’d be hard pressed to prove how countries with high immigration rates are suffering.