Fighting education fanatics: Column


Fighting education fanatics: Column
Glenn Harlan Reynolds

5:18 p.m. EDT June 3, 2013

For a while, I’ve been wondering if it’s parental malpractice to put your kids in public schools. More and more, it’s gone beyond wondering. For example, last week the Washington Post reported a nasty case of abusive behavior by school officials in Calvert County, Maryland: A five-year-old who brought a cowboy-style cap pistol on a school bus – orange-tipped, and something that no one could possibly mistake for a real gun – was interrogated for two hours …

The Post reports: “The case comes at a time of heightened sensitivity about guns in schools across the country. Locally, children in first and second grade have been disciplined for pointing their fingers like guns and for chewing a Pop-Tart-like pastry into the shape of a gun. In Pennsylvania, a 5-year-old was suspended for talking about shooting a Hello Kitty bubble gun that blows soap bubbles.”

What’s up with this? It’s not based on any concern with safety. Lego guns, cap guns, bubble guns, nibbled Pop Tarts, and fingers are no threat to safety. And the wild overreaction in these cases says there’s more going on here than simple school discipline. As I said, who treats a 5-year-old this way? It smacks of fanaticism.

In fact, it seems like a kind of quasi-religious fanaticism. I think it’s about the administrative class – which runs the schools with as little input from parents as possible – doing its best to exterminate the very idea of guns. It’s some sort of wacky moral-purity crusade. If a few toddlers have to suffer along the way, that’s tough. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

This is just one of too many areas of this country where stupid perversity reigns: the perps in mass shootings most often are mentally ill/disturbed or career criminals, yet government demonizes and pursues responsible gun owners and interrogates innocent 5YOs and 8YOs as if they were mass killers. It’s almost as if the authorities lacked the moral and/or physical courage to go after the real perps and potential perps, focusing instead on the safest and those least inclined to criminal violence.


Almost as if, Pete? ha! More like completely lacking in moral and physical courage. You can add a complete inability to do the smallest amount of critical thinking to that list.

Mr. Reynolds (author of article) claims fanaticism. Maybe that’s true up the chain somewhere, but it’s just plain stupidity on the teachers and most administrators’ parts. That, and fear. Fear of losing their jobs, but moreso, of guns themselves due to the brainwashing they received while growing up.
And, the Powers that Be know that they’re stupid. Who do you think came up with the ‘Zero tolerance’ code?
It’s fanaticism, alright. Only of a different variety than Mr. Reynolds may think.

(Btw, I’m quite surprised by some of the articles coming out of USA Today these days. Happily so.)


Here’s an update on the Calvert Cty, MD case. The STUPID is strong in those bullies!!!


I lived in a great country once.


This has grown way beyond stupidity.

I was gonna say that I hope the parents yanked that kid out of that school permanently, but I see Mom’s a teacher in that school system.
She can stand to work for those ignoramuses?


Don’t forget this little incident…

Deaf child must change his name sign as it resembles a gun

Yeah! PUBLIC SCHOOL RULES!!! Let’s spend more taxpayer dollars on a putrid, rotting, failure!! YEAH!!!