Final Tab for Pelosi’s Speakership: $5.34 Trillion


In the 1,461 days that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) served as speaker of the House, the national debt increased by a total of $5.343 trillion ($5,343,452,800,321.37) or $3.66 billion per day ($3.657,394,113.84), according to official debt numbers published by the U.S. Treasury.

Final Tab for Pelosi

How thrilling it must be that democrats have accomplished so much while they were looking out for America[ATTACH]1145[/ATTACH]


In 9 years the total cost of the war on terrorism is about 1.1 Trillion dollars.

That means the Nancy Pelosi Congress spent the entire cost of the 9 year war in deficit spending in just 8 months. The other 4.2 Trillion dollars over the other 3 years and 4 months that they flushed away was just a reward to unions for voting in Obama.

Kinda puts the whole ENRON and Madoff scandals into perspective doesn’t it.

The big difference is that the ENRON executives and Bernie Madoff are in jail.


And nearly half of that came from those dang bailouts that were not needed.


What’s scary is to whom we owe the debt.


Passing the Gavel.

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neat. clean.


We have a winner!

Greatest act of Congress ever.


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Passing the Gavel.

There are at least a dozen other democrats that need this treatment, starting with Schumer.



Not my point at all, RET… :no:


I thought you might be referring to the insufficiency of one swing in relation to what justice would demand but I wanted to work the “glass jaw” crack in somewhere. :whistle:


Yeah, well, I wrote it as a joke, but it’s not really funny. I should not allow myself to revile anyone to that extent…


well you coulda deleted it so there must be some ‘there’ there.


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