Finally, Assurance That Lions Will Never Be Extinct!


Thanks to some wonderful, conscientious Capitalist’s who understand the best way to preserve a species is to start EATING them, we now can have Lion Taco’s!

Boca, gaining a rep for exotic tacos, plans lion-meat offering

We never have a shortage of animals that we eat, the great compassion of Capitalist’s always results in more breeding than is needed to insure supply.

As opposed to the Evil Liberal method of removing profit so all efforts must be funded by confiscatory taxation and managed by people who have nothing to lose if they fail.

Thank God for Capitalism, the only true friend of the environment!


I’ve always wondered what wolf tastes like.


Me too, probably like a cross between spotted owl and polar bear…(insert rim shot smiley here)


Probably like chicken.
(ducks & runs)


I don’t know. Is it really a healthy idea to eat carnivores. I mean real, actual, totally carnivores?


Hmm. Good question. I’m trying to think of anything that’s totally carnivores that we eat. Does an alligator’s diet consist of anything non-carnivorous? Not that I’m real high on alligator, anyway.
As far as lion meat goes, I should think it would be like any other cat; stringy and very hard to chew. (Not that I would know, LOL.)


The most scientific test would be to see whether PETA or the Environmental groups think it is OK or not.

They have a 100 percent record of being wrong about everything so whatever they think about this can be counted on as being the exact opposite of the truth.




I don’t think I could eat lion. I’d be thinking of my pet cats with every bite. =/


Don’t think I’d want to try eating a carnivore.


Many fish are carnivores. I think it’s with mammals that it matters if it’s carnivorous. Bears can go either way, and I understand that a vegetarian bear tastes better than a carnivorous one.


Yeah, the flesh as well as the digestive systems of fish are different.


I imagine lion meat would be very sinewy. I’d try it if someone offered it to me, but I’m not curious enough to spend $8 bucks on a taco.


I bet vegetarian people taste better than carnivorous ones, as well. :plain:


fish have different digestive systems that probably make them okay. Such as, there are some ‘manures’ that are not suitable for gardens. I’m sure you know which ones. Chicken, which can be classified as part carnivore seeing as they eat insects and such, fish, horse, cow, pig are acceptable. Others are definitely not. Has to do with pathogens i believe was the word in the spoor.


Content. Steer has more available Nitrogen, thus,it is good for green leafy growth. Chicken has more phosphorous, and is better for roots,fruits and flowers. Others are likely too hot.


in some Asian areas dogs and cats ARE on the menu. sooooooo ARF!


I heard an Asian Comedian said once "After fear factor, you guys have no room to make fun of us about eating dogs! We eat dogs because we are poor, you guys will eat anything just to be on TV!

I chuckled :biggrin:


I won’t be the one to perform the experiment…


[quote=“SuddenImpact, post:14, topic:28923”]
I bet vegetarian people taste better than carnivorous ones, as well. :plain:
[/quote]:coffee_spray: :rofl: