Firearms Company Relocating To North Texas


A firearms company that makes AR-15 style rifles for the iconic brand Colt, will open a plant in Breckenridge in Stephens County. Oregon company Bold Ideas confirmed the development Friday.

Bold Ideas goes by the name Colt Competition, making high accuracy rifles for competition shooting.

The company has not officially announced the opening, but employment applications are already available at the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce. A non-specific, help wanted ad appeared in the local newspaper classifieds earlier in the week.

Firearms Company Relocating To North Texas « CBS Dallas / Fort WorthBusinesses moving out of states that restrict them as well as refusing to sell to the government


Good news! More need to do this, especially from the North East.


I’m happy for the states that are getting their business, (wish like heck mine were one!), but that’s going to leave of lot people in states like CT, OR, and CO out of work.
I’m not talking about the folks working for these businesses 'cuz many have stated they’ll take their employees with them. I wouldn’t mind one bit if people of that caliber moved to our area.

What I’m talking about are those whose incomes depend on the spending of the employees who work for those manufacturers; store clerks, wait staff, fast food joints, lawn care empployees, etc.
They’re going to go out searching for work elsewhere, too.
Them, I might mind.