First charges filed in Mueller investigation



Anyone want to bet that these “charges” will be “lying to the FBI or some other investigators” and NOTHING to do with “collusion” between the Trump Campaign and the Russians?


Rumor is … It’s Manafort!

Probably Manafort.

Nothing to do with the Trump Russian investigation.



It’s going to be a nothing-burger, Probably something Manafort did 5 or 10 years ago. It will, however, give MSM and democrats something to make noise about for the next few weeks as their team circles the bowl. Mueller pulls this out of the bag NOW as a smokescreen.


Mueller has to do something because he’s in the Russia mess up to his eyeballs, and if he does nothing he looks even guiltier than he already does…


… and it gives him something to justify his continued existence: “You can’t shut it down now, we are just starting to get results.”


Manafort was working for the Podesta Group and Hillary when he had the Russian contacts

Podesta lobby group did not disclose extent of work for Ukrainian campaign advised by Paul Manafort

Mueller probe targeting Democratic-leaning Podesta Group: report


Take this as you will:

LS is Larry Earl Schweikart (born April 21, 1951 in Mesa, Arizona) an American historian and professor of history at the University of Dayton.

He is the author of more than a dozen scholarly and popular fiction books; his best known popular book is A Patriot’s History of the United States , coauthored with Michael Allen.

According to professors Guy Burton and Ted Goertzel, “Schweikart and Allen are both history professors with distinguished publication records.”


This is nothing more than a diversion to draw attention away from the Congressional investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s pay to play bribes with the Russians. Is Manafort a saint? No. He’s probably a bit shady, but what he did or might have done pales in comparison to what Bill and Hillary have been up to for the past 30 years in general and the previous eight years in particular. THEY are the people who should be indicted.

Mueller is also trying to justify his existence as a special prosecutor. The more I see of him, the more I am convinced that he is nothing but a political hack and a Washington parasite. He’s there to divert attention from the real issues that face this country and to continue to draw a government salary.

Mueller is disgusting. I wish that there was some way someone could call him up on charges of expropriating government funds in his current make work, totally political job. I have no doubt that Mueller will be around until the end the Trump administration. He’s not good for much of anything else. There is nothing but a vacuum behind his distinguished looking facade.


As far as chasing Manafort, it’s common to find dirt on people connected to other issues in order to put pressure on them to talk about those other things.

My guess is Muller wants Manafort to talk and this was the way to make it happen.

This is nothing new and probably what’s happening here.


The Manafort Indictment: Not Much There, and a Boon for Trump

Read more at:


I bet George Papadopoulos has been wearing a wire for the last 3 months.

Smoke is about to turn to fire…


Maybe in your dreams. NONE of the indictments have anything to do with the Trump Campaign…just with a couple of people once associated with it. I realize that you’re chewing your fingernails to the quick hoping that Mueller will turn up a smoking gun for “collusion”–which, by the way, isn’t even ILLEGAL, even if true. Certainly hoping for something that could be referred to as a “high crime or misdemeanor.” Ain’t gonna happen.


Interesting WSJ opinion piece, Unfortunately behind paywall.

Mr. Trump can end this madness by immediately issuing a blanket presidential
pardon to anyone involved in supposed collusion with Russia or Russians during
the 2016 presidential campaign, to anyone involved with Russian acquisition of
an American uranium company during the Obama administration, and to
anyone for any offense that has been investigated by Mr. Mueller’s office.
Political weaponization of criminal law should give way to a politically
accountable democratic process. Nefarious Russian activities, including possible
interference in U.S. elections, can and should be investigated by Congress.
Partisan bitterness will not evaporate if lawmakers take up the investigation.
But at least those conducting the inquiry will be legitimate and politically
accountable. And the question of whether Russia intervened in the 2016
election, and of whether it made efforts to influence U.S. policy makers in
previous administrations, is first and foremost one of policy and national
security, not criminal law.

The president himself would be covered by the blanket pardon we recommend,
but the pardon power does not extend to impeachment. If Congress finds
evidence that he was somehow involved in collusion with Russia, the House can
determine whether to begin impeachment proceedings. Congress also is better
equipped, as part of its oversight role, to determine whether and how the FBI,
Justice Department and intelligence agencies might have been involved in the
whole affair, including possible misuse of surveillance and mishandling of
criminal investigations.

There is ample precedent for using the presidential pardon authority to address
matters of political importance. Certainly it is what the framers expected. As
Alexander Hamilton explained in Federalist 69, the pardon power was to
“resemble . . . that of the king of Great Britain.” In Federalist 74, he observed that
“there are often critical moments, when a well-timed offer of pardon to . . .
insurgents or rebels may restore the tranquility of the commonwealth.”


Oh don’t fret my pet, it will come, have patience.

True, collusion isn’t even a legal term, never mind illegal. I think you’ll find in anything I’ve written, I’ve never used the term collusion.

As far as Manafort. He’s scum, but I agree, I don’t think a whole bunch will come out of his indictment that will groundbreaking. He may know some stuff, that I’m not sure of. The question is will he sing? If the Russians want him to keep quiet, he probably will since the Russians are famous for serving their enemies plutonium flavored tea.

But, as I’ve Said, George Papadopolis. Now there is an interesting character. Picked up back in June (or July I can’t remember) by the FBI and no one knew about it until this past week?"

Who is he? Low-level volunteer like the administration claims?

This guy? The guy sitting in on Trumps’s national security meeting?


I wonder what old Georgy boy has been up to for the last 3-4 months? Why did he plead guilty? Why does his charging document indicate he has been “proactively cooperative”? Did he wear a wire perhaps?

Why would I say that? Here is a small excerpt from the actual charging document, you have to read between the lines a bit…

Has he turned over incriminating emails? Did he elicit incriminating information? Perhaps. Just have to wait and see.

Papadopoulos revealed himself to be—in the legal sense, not in the movie sense—a Kremlin agent because the Kremlin had authorized him to be their liaison in setting up meetings between Trump campaign officials and Kremlin officials. Something we KNOW happened as there are emails between Popadopolis and Manafort that confirm this.

From the charging document:

The roaches are going to start scrambling from the nest and the FBI and Mullers team will be there to scoop them up and listen to their stories.

So what does all of this have to do with Trump?

We know for a FACT that Trump was aware that the Russians were attempting to hack the DNC on April 26th, 2016. We know that Trump knew Popadopolis was talking to the Russians in early 2016 (though he denies he knows of anyone on his campaign that EVER spoke to the Russians - Something we know to be categorically false) He knew a foreign power was attacking one of our political parties and not only did he not do anything about (he should have reported it to the FBI when he was a candidate and he should take action now that he is President) it he made it known that he wanted to reward the Russians by giving them back their diplomatic compounds and has made it known he didn’t want the sanctions in the first place.

To this day he has refused to enact sanctions voted in by Congress over a month ago.


Yep can, and he might, time will tell, but if he does, anyone receiving a pardon will no longer be-be able to assert their 5th amendment rights.

What?! LOL

That’s an amusing opinion piece in the WSJ, but you’ll have to forgive if I don’t share that opinion.

I think it’s amusing how politics has been weaponized by the Republicans over the last 8 years and even more if you go back to Mr. Clintion, but now that the Republican party is doing it to itself, your going to cry foul?

Can you say ironic?


Are you REALLY this deep in the crap? There is NOTHING WHATSOEVER to connect the Trump campaign to so-called “Russian interference” in the 2016 election…nada. On the other hand, there is AMPLE evidence that the Democrats in general and the Hillary campaign in particular were up to their grimy necks in bed with the Russians in an effort to discredit President Trump.


Patience. It’s only been 6 months. The Watergate investigation took, what? 2 years? All they were looking at was a break in. This is an international investigation involving dozens of people.

Sit back, relax. I keep telling you, regardless of the evidence that you are aware of, there could be (and probably is imo) plenty of evidence that will connect Trump and his campaign to Russia.

Muller’s not going to share his evidence nor should you expect him to until he is ready because he knows they will all scatter, destroy evidence, and perhaps even flee.

What Papadopolis has admitted to proves you wrong.


6 months? The entire DC establishment , including but not limited to Mueller, has been searching for well over a year. They have nothing. If Mueller had anything, he couldn’t keep it a secret even if he wanted to. EVERYTHING gets leaked. You will lose whatever credibility you might have if you pretend that you don’t know that this is a fact.


I have credibility here? Even a tiny bit?..That’s about the funniest thing anyone here has said to me.

Anyway, it’s not “a fact”. You know what’s been leaked, how can you know that what’s been leaked represents everything worth knowing that can be leaked. Do you know what hasn’t been leaked? Give me a break. You’re hoping that everything has been leaked because, while bad, isn’t enough to clearly convince the public that Trump has broken any laws.

As far as no leaks, don’t you think it’s MASSIVELY significant that no one knew about George Popadopolis and the fact that he was arrested in July and no one knew about it until this past week? That’s HUGE. That allowed investigators to use Popadopolis to uncover misdeeds. It will come out. I have money he wore a wire.

What about Manafort? Think of the time it took to get all the legal ducks in a row to raid his home while he was sleeping.

Everything leaks? No, not everything.

Maybe Trump isn’t the only one playing people? Maybe there’s a bit more cat and mouse here than you realize. Perhaps the leaks are strategic and Trump will be the one that ends up being played?

Either way, who’s been investigating “for well over a year”? The Republican-controlled House? The Republican-controlled Senate? Chuck Grassley and the Judiciary committee (big LOL’s).

Maybe Comey was and he was getting to close? That’s why he was legally-ish fired?

The Press? The press has done an excellent job uncovering certain aspects of the investigation, but the press does not have the resources or the access needed to get to the bottom of all this.

You guys just don’t like it because you support what Trump is doing and when all the evidence comes out, you’ll call Muller, a lifetime Republican, part of some Democratic or Republican establishment conspiracy.

The LOL’s keep on…