First charges filed in Mueller investigation


Why? They already agree with him.


Obviously not. I understand how you got your screen name. Like ALL liberals, the mantra is “keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em sh!t…like a mushroom.”


Like hell he did:

Illegal immigration falls (or rises) according to cycles relevant to immigration; and it was falling years before he came onto the scene.

Cycles, you don’t pay attention to old dog, because you don’t pay attention to economics in general until its convenient.

Ergo; whenever it “happens” to cross paths with an issue you care about. Otherwise, you don’t care.

And because you don’t care over the long run, you get stats wrong, in same manner that the left gets stats on Gun Violence wrong for Australia; paying no attention to what the trend line was before the policy in question was implemented.

Unemployment? Same thing. The trend line was down and had been down for years, yet some out there only pay attention to it now, because, convenient narrative is convenient.

I mean hell, why not take credit for good things that happen to be happening when you’re in charge?

Bill Clinton did it, so why the hell should we not copy it? It’s not like our fortunes or our dialog suffer when we fail to discriminate the effects of politics from economics.

He quite literally did nothing; the “cost reductions”, were an automatic part of the Bloc-buy plan Lockheed already had negotiated.

… yeah… to make it more chock full of good, wholesome cronyism for American businesses.

If anyone wants to know why this is a bad idea, go look at France, its relationship to the EEA, and their growing economic irrelevance.

You don’t “save” any economy, by turning it into a necrotocracy, propping up businesses that should change or die.

Meritocracy, that’s what an economy should be. Not “anyone” first, merit first. “Affirmative action” for minorities or American businesses is BS, for the exact same reason.

Of all the reasons to be against the TPP, and I admit that they exist; that isn’t one of them.

People wax loudly for job protectionism, yet, whenever you look at an impact study for protectionist measures we’ve taken for industries in the past…

You find out that jobs were simply destroyed. In sugar for instance…


Back to the statement what could he do to lose your support? Is there anything not too awful that he could do?


He could cozy up to the Dimwitted Democrats and start touting income redistribution and other such nonsense and he’d lose my support. Or, he could start behaving LIKE the Democrats and blaming the other party for what HE’S actually doing wrong.


Okay, guys; let’s stop insulting other members, please.


I did; in the previous administration. Yeah, a lot people are in the tank for Trump no matter what (I’m not one of them, and didn’t vote for him; I’m pleasantly surprised with some of his actions and efforts (attempting to repeal ObamaDon’tCare, immigration reform, foreign policy, rolling back leftist social experiments in the military and nonresidential restrooms, conservative USSC justice), but I’m still a long way from trusting him); but I don’t recall you (or any other leftist; and there have been many on RO in the last decade) admitting the egregiousness of many of Obama’s anti-American and racist actions.


Compared to this group, I’m “liberal” whatever that means. Labels are just a way to people in “your” group or out of it.

I talk to everyone. I belong to several groups, some hard right, some Libertarian some center and some left and some hard left. I’m totally floored by how each group values different things. They talk about things they care about and for the most part totally ignore other things that happen and other things that different groups are about.

If I were to try to align the country into groups, it wouldn’t be rich vs poor, or Dems vs Republicans it would be rural America vs urban America.


The electoral map proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I also agree that all these political labels have become largely meaningless and are used to pigeon-hole people. We have white separatists masquerading as conservatives, totalitarian facists masquerading as anti-facists and the bizarre open-borders coalition which defies any classification in a right/left spectrum.


What on Earth has border “apprehensions” got to do with how many people are sneaking into the country? Especially since during the Obama administration, they were counting turn-backs as “deportations,” and counting the number of vehicles with Mexican license plates crossing back into Mexico as the same thing.


For what it’s worth, as someone who is left of this group here at RO, I really have become more understanding of the issues that people in Rural America face.

Lisa Ling did a piece on CNN the other day about LaVoy Finicum and Arizona Militias, which frankly, I thought painted Mr. Finicum in a favorable light. He wasn’t portrayed as some right-wing conspiracy nut, but as a family man who ran a ranch and simply felt the federal government no longer represented him and he felt he had to get the word out.

For what it’s worth, based on that program, I think shooting him was unjustified.

He was shot with “rubber bullets” and when he reached to grab his chest after being shot, he was shot with real bullets. The claim would later be that they thought he was going for a gun.

Now, should Mr. Finicum ever step out of the car without being told to do so? Probably not. When he stepped out should he have laid down with his face in the snow? Probably, but these circumstances or similar circumstances play themselves out in the inner cities all the time and I think some of those instances are unjustified too because I think it was possible to capture Mr. Finicum without killing him. If you think his killing was unjustified, then there are lots more where that came from.

As far as the Militia, Again, I thought the story was more about the people involved and what they feel, rather than trying to cast them is right-wing crazies.

The funniest part came when Lisa Ling told turned toward the camera and told the audience that the only way the militiamen would agree to be interviewed is if she shot a firearm (they discussed the 2cd amendment as part of the piece)

Not only did she shoot it (a 9mm pistol if memory serves), but she emptied the magazine and moved on to the AR. While describing her first time shooting a firearm as “scary” and “powerful”, one of the Militiamen pointed out that she hadn’t stopped smiling since she had finished shooting. It was actually pretty funny.

The point is, it was pretty enlighting.

I live in rural VA but I often find myself in Baltimore and DC for work. I also live in a straight middle-class neighborhood (probably upper middle class), but I work with people who drive $100 cars and live in the county with the highest average salary in the US. So I see both sides (I grew up dirt poor).

After watching Lisa Ling’s show I had an idea for a reality show, where left-wing city people swap places with right-wing urban folks and we watch them live and experience each other’s lifestyles, not to accept them, but to better understand them.

What do you think?

If your interested here’s the piece.


Sweetheart my names comes from an ongoing affair with psychedellics. I’ll make a very conservative defense of it. I don’t believe a government big enough to see whats in my blood stream, in my own home, and deny me freedom of altered thought, is big enough to defend. I question everything… and not like Russia Today… I mean everything people have called me an iconoclast. I have a very libertarian bent to my progressivism. Alaska slim is one of the few people who can actually mount a decent defense of conservative economics. Sometime me and him have to talk Kansas’s Brownbacks economics. Someone said I never called out Obama tell me why I’ve been wearing a snowden is my homeboy shirt since 2011??? Oh why is that free Bradley Manning sticker on my car… yes back when she was still bradley. Btw he did free her… which I thought took some (guts (edited by Fantasy Chaser; please refrain from sexual obscenity.). He pointed out the emporor had no clothes, and hes like yeah I ain’t got no excuse for Iraq and pardoned her and his last days.


I think I may need some of your mushrooms to appreciate this.


Because they fluctuate up in down in tandem with how many are coming here.

Yes Dave, this is a Fact.

So a decrease in those numbers overtime, despite raising them artificially, means that there really are less coming. You just countered your own argument, and didn’t even realize it.


Economic literacy, Get some, or quit pretending that you care.

And what does caring look like? You look into economics, even when it doesn’t interact with anything else.

You attempt to understand economics for its own sake. Then with that knowledge, you judge what is or isn’t “reasonable” when it interacts with other matters.


So are you like the ghost of Milton Friedman? I never see Misses Von Ludwig types like you anymore. Must just tear you to peaces the gop is abandoning sound economics and running towards a populist pitch?


You will need a 5 hour study in classical liberalism, the rise of Maynard Keyes, and a few more iq points… Mushrooms can not help you understand Austrian school economics.



Dude, you’ve literally rehashed Blood and soil, and quoted to me the Fixed Pie fallacy, without irony.

You have suspicions of Free markets, fine, that completely fine. I’m not asking that you take its assumptions on faith, or to not test them out. Hell, I’m not even saying exceptions can’t exist.

What’s not fine, is thinking that suspicions, suddenly makes Protectionism work as an alternative, when every. single. damn. case. of it exposes it for the sack of **** that it is.

It doesn’t understand what economics is for, it pretends central planning is somehow relevant, and it doesn’t even deliver on what it tries to promise; more jobs for people. It’s a Faustian bargain, with no pay out.


And you posted this on RO when, until called on it now?