First charges filed in Mueller investigation


I know this might be hard for you to understand, but using one’s power and wealth to gawk at one’s vulnerable young employees while they’re naked, in a way that makes them feel violated and uncomfortable, does not make that person a sex alpha. It makes them a creep.


I found this which I think is interesting…

Story here


I think “creep” is understating a bit, but your call…



The American electorate knew who they were voting for. Are they creeps too?


Nah. I understand that men who use the word “creep” to describe other men, are pretty much universally either frequently alone, or with a woman who weighs over 130 lbs. It’s consistently a sign of jealousy.


Ummm, let me see!


Raided and Jailed an innocent guy, claiming his video was the reason for the 4 dead in Benghazi

Gun running to Mexico as well as to Syria.
(See Benghazi)

Release ISIS fighters back onto the battlefield to kill our soldiers.

Call an Army deserter who is responsible for six dead soldiers a man who served ‘honorably’.

Gather information ‘illegally’ on Congress, the AP and James Rosen’s and Family’s email.

Send IRAN billions in cash, on pallets in the middle of the night.

Release convicted Illegals back into society.

Unleash the IRS to go after his enemies.


Bad mouth police.

Help in Election stealing.

Oh yeah, He could sell uranium to the Russians.

I’m sure there is more he could do to lose my support!

If I have missed any … let me know.


Really? That strikes me as incredibly naive optimism. Scratch the surface in D.C. and you expose a sewer, and the most common reaction is to immediately cover it right back up before the smell and the filth is seen to be contaminating everything there. “I say we take off and nuke the whole site from orbit: it’s the only way to be sure…”


I understand your concern. And in most cases, I would agree. There’s just something about Mueller that I can’t explain. He’s not a pure and innocent man by any means, but I just sense a type of internal honor in him. And I can tell when he’s speaking that he doesn’t like how much sway foreign governments have with our government.

Time will tell what his intentions are. But if you look at how wide a net he’s casting, I do think it’s obvious he’s looking for a lot more than ties between President Trump and Russia. He’s already uncovered that the only known direct co-operation between a campaign and Russia was between the Clinton campaign and the Kremlin(Steele). I’m not sure why he’d do this if he was just looking to injure President Trump.


I hope you’re right. All the coongressional investigations strike me as dog and pony shows meant to convince the masses that Washington is
"Doing something" while actually doing nothing (if not actively taking part in the corruption)


It’s fascinating that you are so morally bankrupt, that you seriously can’t imagine that anyone would have an objection to sexual misconduct that doesn’t arise from “jealousy.”


“sexual misconduct”, “creep”. Your verbiage verbiage is a dead giveaway.


Look through my old posts. before the downtime. I’ve been a Hardcore Linux Geek and Snowden fan like Mylar was she still here?


Maylar is a he, not a she; and I think he’s been in once or twice since the new format was installed.