First female soldier in Green Beret training fails to complete the course


The first female soldier to participate in the Army’s initial training for the Green Berets — side by side with men — failed to complete the course, The Washington Times has learned.
The enlisted soldier is the first woman to attend U.S. Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection, the first step toward earning the Special Forces name and the coveted green beret.
Since Defense Secretary Ashton Carter opened all combat jobs to women in December, a number of female troops have applied for direct combat roles from which they had long been banned. No woman has achieved the qualifications to become an Army Ranger or Green Beret, a Navy SEAL, a Marine Corps infantry officer or an Air Force parajumper, among other combat specialties.

First female soldier in Green Beret training fails to complete the course - Washington Times

So will the military lower the standards to allow women to be Green Berets?


So will the military lower the standards to allow women to be Green Berets?
First off let me say that I have no doubt that there are women out there that can physically meet the standards.
As far as one woman failing…Well a lot of guys fail too.
Now will the standards be lowered? I hope not but you never know. I do know that if some general somewhere says “We need a woman Green Beret” the very next class will have a woman passing. That’s just the way the military works.
Just to point out…Lower standards also means more deaths down the line. Not a good thing.


I doubt things will get adjusted down due to one woman failing. However, after every woman who has tried, fails in the next 5-10 years, then they’ll almost certainly “reevaluate” things.

Though I don’t agree that almost any woman could expect to pass special forces training. I’m from a military family and the only people I know who got into special ops were on the very high end of what’s naturally possible for a man(and several were on things like steroids or prohormones at some point). No woman can even biologically get into a range like that. I’ve seen a few powerful women. Plenty of women with high endurance. But never both at the same time. And you need to be both. The standards are set to a point where %99 of men cannot pass them. I genuinely doubt there is a woman who can pass them, and if there is, she’s likely a professional athlete and wouldn’t be joining the Army.


I’m sorry, but there are some things women simply cannot do as well as men…just as there are some things women can do that men cannot. (Bear children, for example.) If women were as strong and fast as men, there wouldn’t be any such thing as “women’s soccer” or the LPGA and the Olympics would be for all comers, regardless of sex.


There are plenty of professional athletes in the military. And I don’t just mean as National Guard. The military has repeatedly sponsored its own service members to go to the Olympics.

Still, I’m not negating the point.


No woman can even biologically get into a range like that.
I have to disagree. I believe that a small percentage of women could qualify, just like only a small percentage of men can qualify. (no I’m not saying the same percentage of each).
Maybe the proof could be found out my doing some research on places like Israel & seeing if they had women in commando units?


Wrong viewpoint.

The CinC has said he wants our military to reflect our society. As a result we got GLBTQ, we have an OPEN GAY as the Sec of he Navy and is naming ships after Harvey Milk, Caesar Chavez and others who do not deserve it.

All this translates out to either lowering standards or giving passes to meet the “standard” set down by the CinC. That is the reality of the military. 13% of all ranks need to be Blacks, 13% of the Special Forces needs to be Black. I will guess that most on here are familiar with Sheriff David Clarke, he is on Fox News often. I had the opportunity to have dinner with him 1 on 1. I remember asking him if his background was military. He laughed and said no, he had never been in, but his father, Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces had been and it was like have a military career and not being in uniform. We both laughed at that and I now understood. When I was in back in the 60;s some of the best soldiers I saw were Blacks. Back then there were no quotas or a CinC giving directives on racial make up or social engineering. So the guys like David Clarke’s father met the SAME standards as everyone else who had pass the course!

That is NOT going to happen going forward if Hitlery gets in there. YOU WILL have a Army that reflects our society. Lower standards and given a pass is what will occur.

Remember the first Naval female pilot who was carrier qualified: Kara Spears Hultgreen (5 October 1965 – 25 October 1994) was a Lieutenant and Naval Aviator in the United States Navy and the first female carrier-based fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy. She died just months after she was certified for combat, when her F-14 Tomcat crashed into the sea on final approach to USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).

My flight instructor was one of hers ( I was taking Private Pilot flying which he taught). He got out of the Navy because of that. He spoke freely to me as we would flay around and to say he was livid over the fact she HAD to be passed. In fact she had failed everything time and time again, but the Navy brass said we will have a female carrier pilot come hell or high water. The result, she died failing at what she was doing. On 25 October 1994, Hultgreen died when her F-14A-95-GR, BuNo 160390,[4] coded “NH 103”, crashed on approach to USS Abraham Lincoln.

I will tell you factually that more than once I was called up top to tell why I did not promote a black guy, who had filed a complaints that he was not promoted because he was black. I was never overturned, which is not the point, the point is if did not promote you knew you would be in front of your Co to explain why…I NEVER had to explain WHY about some white guy!

Affirmative Action, Quotas, social engineering will ONLY make America less great. When quotas are mandated then the easy way to solve the problem is to just promote them all and that is where we are going.


Don you nailed it. While I believe that at some point in time a female will met the standards (honestly) to become a Green Beret I doubt that they will be the first female Green Beret. PC & some general will see to that & standards will be lowered. That’s just the way it is now.
Way back in the old days (when I was first in) when a new general took over the first thing they did was change the color of the buildings. Yes that’s really true. I remember one time they had just painted a building like 2 months before, new general & boom there they were repainting it with a different color. Even as a no nothing airman I looked at that & thought My God what a waste of money, manpower & in general what a stupid idea. Well after putting in another 18 or 19 years & seeing lots of command changes I looked back & realized something interesting. Repainting building because of a change in command was the cheapest & best “I’m new & I’m going to change something” action that I ever experienced. How many times did I see insane programs come in with a roar & fade away without even a whimper. Total waste of time & money. Gurrrr!


Don’t forget that some years back, Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder received a complaint from a “constituent” that his precious snowflake of a daughter couldn’t qualify as a cadet officer at West Point. Upon checking, Schroeder “discovered” that the standard for qualification was a combination of BOTH academic and physical prowess and that the best of the women cadets were still weaker physically than the worst of the men, even though they were their equal academically. She (Schroeder) raised so much Cain about it that the service academies changed their 200-year standards and only required the women to compete with other women physically, which MAY be the stupidest policy change the military engaged in before admitting gays openly to serve.


When I was 23 years old. I was lucky enough to get into Ranger school. Then, I was 5 foot 10 inches tall, 170 pounds, with 14% body fat. I trained for over a year just to be able to fail Ranger school. I went through airborne, air assault, jungle training, cold weather training, and a some mountain training with the 10th Mountain Division. I did all of that to condition my body. After 9 days, I fell and injured my knee. I was washed out never able to return to Ranger school. For those 9 days, it was the toughest, most grueling experience I had ever gone through. It made all of my previous training seem like a playground. Training on 1 meal a day, less then 4 hours of sleep a day. It was a nightmare, but I wanted it bad. I also do not regret the experience one bit. I would do it over again if I could. There is a good reason the Rangers, Green Berets, Navy Seals, Air Force Special Operations, SAS, and Spetsnaz are called Elite. If we were to lower the standards by even one little bit. Our Special Forces would not be Special. The Navy Seals have a saying, 'The only easy day, was yesterday." Also remember this, second place is the first looser.


There is NO PLACE in our military for social engineering. Our military was built upon soldiers and its a simple requirement, its not based upon race, color, creed, religion, wealth, poverty or whether you drive a Chevy or Ford and in your private life if you are gay, lesbian, or transgender, all that needs to be left behind when you put on that uniform. You need to love your country and our way of life, you might also want to believe in GOD because I can promise you if you are a combat soldier there will be some times that only the hand of GOD will save your butt!

Soldiers 23rd Psalms
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. and I am the meanest son of bitch that has ever walked this valley”