First Lady Melania Trump Gets Her First Official Portrait


WOW! Gorgeous and classy!:flag:

The portrait captures her self-confidence!



OOPS! I was just informed … 15 carats is her engagement ring.

This is her 10th anniversary wedding present … and it’s 25 carats.

We-l-l-l, excuse me!:freaked:


Thats nothing, I gave my wife 25 carrots the other day.


Congratulations to her… She deserves even more…
The Trump family


She looks gorgeous. The left is making a big deal out of her crossed arms. LOL Idiots. This is why they want the internet monitored by the left…so we don’t have access to information to know they are lying to us as usual.


Meanwhile, any references to Michael Obama’s male parts and the left spits green pea soup across the room.


The regressive dimstains were always after me to post pictures of Michelle’s penis and when I did not they took that as a sign that it was just another lie designed to hurt the Glorious president Obama. Finally I told them I could not produce any pictures of it because it was buried so far up Nobama’s backside you couldn’t see it.


Uhm, guys, this is getting seriously tasteless.


They don’t like being mocked and defied. It makes them feel like they don’t matter.

As for the previous FLOTUS, let’s leave her in well earned, much-deserved, obscurity.


Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you.


It was my fault.


Hear, hear. I’ll vote for this good idea.


It’s not a matter of upsetting someone, it’s a matter the quality of the site.


Perhaps this is not the right place then?