First lesbian bishop orders local church to remove crosses, replace with muslim symbo


The first lesbian bishop of the Church of Sweden in Stockholm may have a death wish for herself, her congregation and possibly the nation as a whole.
She is ordering one of her churches to strip out all the Christian symbols and install Islamic materials and then invite the Muslims in an act of sharing and diversity.This is like inviting arsonists to plan and set off a fireworks display. More suicidal tendencies on the next page:

First Lesbian Bishop Orders Local Church to Remove Crosses, Replace With Muslim Symbols | Truth And Action

Apparently she has no real feel for the religion she represents and is willing to destroy it all together. Christianity and Islam are not compatible. I expect here we will see the same views put forward by some churches which also spend their time deriding the religion they claim to worship.


Christianity and Islam are not compatible
Seems to me a while back I saw a picture of Christians protecting Muslims while they pray & then another picture of Muslims protecting Christians during some sort of protest. I believe that Christianity & Islam are compatible. On the other hand Radical Christians, Radical Islam & even Radical Burger King employees probably aren’t compatible. I guess my point is that every segment of any fraction has extreme members. Members who’s thoughts may be based on a basic belief but who carries those beliefs to extreme lengths. Those people are dangerous, no doubt about it.
An example that comes to mind is Germany in WWII. By in large the German military were just as good to our POW’s as we were to theirs. On the other hand the SS were made up of a fanatical fringe that were a bunch of animals.



annual death rate of US PoWs in German hands (1%).


When I was a kid one of our neighbors had been on the Bataan death march. Of course at that time I didn’t know what it meant. I was just told that & that I should treat him with respect. He was in a wheel chair. I found out later that he had survived the death march & returned to the U.S… Within a month he had been hit by a car while riding a motor cycle & was wheel chair bound for the rest of his life. Really sad for something like that to happen after all he had gone through.


She does NOT represent Christianity. It is outside Biblical parameters for a homosexual to serve in church leadership and a woman to serve as a pastor. This woman is an apostate and false teacher along the lines of which we were warned about in Jude and 2 Peter. The replacement of the cross with Islamic symbols also reflects the condition of her heart.


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She does NOT represent Christianity.
[/quote]True, she is an affront to the faith


Libs & Progs who profess to fear that theologically conservative Christians would impose theocracy - in despite of over 2 centuries of not having attempted doing so - do not understand the significance of stuff like this. This is yet one more of thousands of outrages, apostasies, and compromises that are natural to a state church - the closest thing to theocracy outside of Islam. The Founding Fathers - devout Christians and the unorthodox alike - as a whole saw the many abuses possible in a state church and rejected it from the outset of this country. At least two major theologically conservative Christian denominations in the US were founded by immigrants who had rejected and even fled their nations’ state churches. That mainstream rejection of state churches and theocracy by US theologically conservative Christians has not changed.

As for Scandinavian state churches, Ichabod.


She is a Lesbian, now whether your belief says she chose that lifestyle or that she is just born ‘mis-wired’ that way, the reality is that she is not right. Not to say she are others are all bad, but in fact their thinking is not right and sometimes spills over into other areas besides sexual deviancy


By identifying herself as a lesbian, she’s telling the world how and with whom she prefers to have sex. That is NOT what any Christian “bishop” should be doing. Has anyone here ever heard of any “bishop” proudly proclaiming him/herself as a heterosexual???


I don’t really understand how she’s even able to do this? I’m not familiar with how the Church of Sweden is organized, but this seems more than a bit weird. Any protestant church I’ve ever been involved in would require a congregational vote for things like this. Now I’m aware this is a Lutheran church, which is a bit more Catholic than it Protestant in the way it’s administered. But is there no upper hierarchy? I’d think a Bishop in a Catholic Church would need approval from higher ups to do stuff like this. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a church that has a defacto owner/ruler.
How is it possible for her to do this unilaterally?


actually this is VERY old news…from 2015. Interesting that it pops up again. Does she just want to be in the news?


this is old news…October 2015. She must just need the mention. This is not a legit church. These are crazed Nordic feminists.


She is proudly flaunting the fact she engages in an abomination and refuses to repent. This is not what any Christian should be doing and also a member of any type of church leadership in Christianity.

Yes, but then again the text calls for a pastor to be a husband of one wife.