Fisker Suspends Production of the Karma


Fisker Suspends Production of the Karma
November 30, 2012 at 3:01:00 PM by Steve Rousseau
Popular Mechanics

California-based Fisker Automotive has halted production of its plug-in hybrid Karma luxury sedan after battery provider A123 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. The automaker says it is suspending production until a buyer is found for the failed battery manufacturer.

The news, first reported by Bloomberg yesterday, is yet another setback to the fledgling automaker, which lost 300 European-bound Karmas during Hurricane Sandy and continues to delay production of its mass-market mid-size Atlantic sedan

Be sure to go to that story about Fisker “losing” those 300 aptly named Karmas. “Lost” is a bit euphemistic. This shut-down illustrates what can happen when key parts are sole-sourced. Fisker failed to obey two very basic “rules” for using sole-sourced parts: 1.) The sole-source vendor MUST be financially sound; 2.) the sole-source vendor MUST have a “Plan B” to cover the unlikely possibility of a factory being brought down by a disaster.


“until a buyer is found for the failed battery manufacturer.”…

I hate to mention this on this rain drenched blustery Sunday morning… but it just struck me that Barackna Bama may
provide that buyer in yet another grandiose display of “sharia-stimulus”


Speaking of rain-drenched - MIM lives maybe 75 miles north of me - I hope owners of Fisker Karmas keep their vehicles in garages or other dry places!

Also speaking of rain-drenched, has Guerneville flooded out yet? It seems to happen every 3-5 years since my Mom was a child (and probably back to the founding of the town).