FLASHBACK: DACA Advocate and Illegal Alien Jose Antonio Vargas Uses Doctored Social Security Card – A Federal Crime


I’m curious as to who the ‘legal’ US Citizen was that had their number stolen?

Or did the Illegal Alien just make up a number?


True. He’s ADMITTED that he’s been using a “doctored” SS card. Why isn’t he already in jail???


He’s contributing to Social Security, but having a fake ID means he’ll never be able to extract from it.

Is it illegal to pay “extra taxes” to the Government?


It’s “illegal” to fake a SS number or account. What part of that escapes you? BTW, suppose he was using the SSN of someone else. You DO know, don’t you, that one’s SS check upon retirement is based on the last few years of salary reported to SS. What if his recorded salary was considerably LESS than the salary of the person whose SSN he stole? That could easily mean that the ACTUAL owner of that SSN could be deprived of the SS payments that he or she should be entitled to. At the very LEAST, it would require costly reams of paper and red tape to clear up the fraud.


Is he faking a number or borrowing someone else’s? That’s not the same thing.

This guy has a 6 if not 7 figure income. Who exactly could he be harming?


Many pornographers make six- or seven-figure salaries; they’re anything but harmless.


? Uh, I think you have a different topic on the brain.

The question is how could he harm someone’s SS payment, when he’s more likely earning more than the person he “borrowed” his off of… assuming that’s how he acquired it.


ONE example–about which you know nothing whatsoever. You don’t know this guy’s income and you DON’T know how much of it he actually declares for income tax purposes. Are you claiming that his theft of someone else’s SSN is HARMLESS?


As usual, AS is consistent.

There are no laws that apply to illegal immigrants. They are entitled to anything they want, whenever they want it, regardless of who it belongs to; Laws are for the evil conservative citizens to follow.


I have no trouble believing MTV, CNN, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, the Huffington Post, the New York Times would all pay him that. I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

If they’ll pay ridiculous amounts of money for Pakistani IT help, it’s pretty much beyond the pail that they’ll pay highly for a guy they think sticks things in conservative eyes.


Again, are you saying you know for a fact that’s what he did?

What if it’s just a fake I.D. number, not a borrowed one?


You said:

My point was that his income was hardly an indicator of his harmlessness. If that wasn’t your point, you didn’t articulate it well.

On edit: I think I see what you were talking about. So nevermind…