Flood the GOP!!


Reason 10, you are starting to sound an awful lot like someone else who used to be here and became quite obnoxious. Ease up son.


R10 doesn’t have a clue. If I ever might have been inclined to vote for Trump in the primaries (I haven’t), after reading his screeds here I wouldn’t trust him to babysit my Yorkie–let alone run my country.


Reagan wasn’t a Protectionist, never proposed taxing wealth, and above all, was humble at heart.

Trump is nothing like him.




As a Two Issue voter (2A/RTKBA) (Illegal Immigration/Refuggee zeitgeist) Trump is saying the right things , Cruz is the Right Candidate so both on the 16 GOP ticket is sounding grand…


Except that he’s lying to you.


Cruz or Trump ? (And Trump is only candidate to admit to having a CCW/CHL/CWP and that he carries )