Florida High School Students Use RFID To Detect Guns Entering Buildings


Florida High School Students Use RFID To Detect Guns Entering Buildings
By Krystle Vermes
Tech Times – May 3, 2016

Teaser from the article linked above –

PTS Lead Developer Howard Heckman helped the team refine its product, which can now instantly pull up a gun owner’s photograph and data if he or she triggers the RFID system. After presenting its project at a statewide conference on April 13, the team has plans to bring it to the political realm.

Whoa there folks I am under the impression that for an RFID system to operate there needs to be a chip as the Vet plants in your dog/cat. If I am correct about this just how are these students proposing to place a chip on or into the firearm that might be carried into a building? Furthermore in order for the system perform as noted in the quoted paragraph the firearm and the owner have to be registered.

This sounds to me like some pie in the sky concept proposed by well meaning students but is encouraged by adults who haven’t the foggiest idea what is being proposed. My reaction is go take a long walk off a short pier. And don’t hurry back.


As best I know, Yj, you are correct. The citation at the beginning of the article of the fauxny “school shootings” stat was the first tip-off that there was baloney to come. The students’ “solution” depends on government mandating the inclusion of an RFID chip in every newly manufactured gun, and the retrofitting of every existing gun. Not. Going. To. Happen. By mandating a significant cost-add to gun ownership, it violates the 2nd Amendment. Enforcement will be impracticable at best, and entail violation of the 4th Amendment if actually attempted. And criminals willing to steal or commit murder are not going to obey this new anti-gun law anymore than they obey existing anti-gun laws. IOW, at best this “solution” would accomplish nothing, and if tried almost certainly cause great harm to US society.


This is either a joke or should be. The RFID chip and be defeated by a hammer, screwdriver or a small drop of acid.

I can see it now:

Can I help you?

Sure, Wanting to buy a cheap and powerful pistol, you know one of the new ones with a RFID chip.

Really, I have some nice used ones but they don’t have the chip, how come you want the chip?

Well I have a drug problem and a lot of times I need to hold up a liquor store to get money to support my habit and my brother wants one with the chip to. He is over in the ME learning to be an ISIS fighter and he is coming back and want to shoot up some place.

Well why do you want the chip?

Ohhh, that is so they will know who we are!

Nonetheless I am still waiting on us to win the war on drugs which has cost Trillions and left in its wake millions dead from OD.

I am thinking there are bigger fish to fry.