Florida Judge Rules Health Care Law Is Unconstitutional


[LEFT]As of 3:00 P.M. today a Fl. Judge has ruled that the entire health care bill is unconstitutional and should be voided. No injunction. Judge Napolitano and Shep Smith discuss it at http://video.foxnews.com/v/4518310/florida-judge-rules-health-care-law-is-unconstitutional.

I still want it repealed.


Yes, it’s a good thing. SCOTUS here we come!

I thought about making this thread, but I already created one today, so I’ve been waiting for someone else. Thanks for posting this.


I thinkit is heard and ruled upon in Atlanta, next. I could be wrong.:awkward:


This makes the score two Lib judges to two conservative judges if memory serves. All tied going into the stretch.


It only takes one judge to make it void. However the Obama administration is ignoring the ruling and moving on as if nothing happened.


Laura Ingraham thinks SCOTUS won’t hear, (or was it rule?), on this until Jan. 2012. :sad:


I heard that interview. She also said it can be fast tracked if they want. I don’t see how this helps Obama holding off until the election year. If it stays he pisses off over half the Country. If it goes down he pisses off his base. Get it over with and go into damage mode. We’ll all remember, but the average voter has the attention span of a dog in a park full of squirrels.


You’re right; he would be smarter to urge SCOTUS to fast track it. But we’re talking what would be smart here, and…well…you know.
So anyway, there’s 2 reasons I can think of for putting it off.

  1. He thinks it’ll go down
  2. More time to be scamming workers out of their paychecks.
    Hmm, thought of another one. He thinks it will go down, and the closer to the election, the higher the number of voters who will remember “It’s the Republicans’ fault.” (Not that he won’t be reminding voters every time he opens his yap.)

If it does go down, I wonder what’s going to happen to all that money people are getting robbed out of their paychecks now.


He wants time to let the already invested program set itself in . There are parts that are now in place and Obama will feel that once this part is entrenched the rest will follow. This is a person that refuses to lose.



This is a person that refuses to lose.

The worst kind of spoiled brat on the planet.